AirRide Guides: Air Management

All air suspension kits work best with air management, which is what allows you to control your air and adjust your ride height.

We offer tonnes of management options, and the type of management we offer varies depending on what vehicle you have. But for cars and Transporters, these are your main options:

Digital computer controller

The best air management option we offer is the AirLift 3P digital computer. This has five pre-programmable settings, meaning you can change your ride height at the touch of a button, while it can also adjust your height automatically, according to road conditions. You can control the computer with a phone app, available on iOS and Android, from inside or outside the car.


Controllers can simply be basic non-solenoid manual paddle controllers (MPCs) which are very simple and relatively cheap (but quite slow). The switches with an MPC basically resemble electric-window switches.

These are often the controllers of choice for motorhomes and vans but they can also work very well on cars. They are used on more subtle systems and usually take between 10 and 20 seconds to lift a vehicle from fully-down to fully-up. This allows you to adjust each of the four corners and set your own ride heights.

Solenoid controllers

Electric solenoid controllers are also similar to electric-window switches, although you can also control solenoids in more complex ways, including switch boxes, multi-function remotes and ECUs (electric computer units).

With both MPCs and solenoid kits, the controllers are used by simply pressing up to inflate and down to deflate. The gauge needles will give a very good approximation of the height of each corner. It is simple to learn what pressure is needed to drive without catching, what is most comfortable, and how much to increase the rear by if you have extra passengers. Solenoid kits are faster and more compact than manual paddle kits.

Schrader valves

Of course, you don't need a management kit, especially if you have a motorhome (we would always recommend it for cars). Simple Schrader valve kits have historically been the first choice for motorhome owners, although many are now seeing the benefit of more control. With a Schrader valve kit, you simply inflate your system with a tyre inflator or at a petrol station or garage every time it needs a top-up. These systems do not involve a compressor or solenoids and so cannot be controlled.

Even if you already have an air suspension system, you can add air management at any time. It's never too late to get kitted out with a computer or manual paddles, even if you start out with just Scharder valves!


Manual air suspension buttons
The AirLift 3P digital computer system can be used with a phone app
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Transporter T5 and T6 kits at AirRide

VW T6 Ultimate kit

We've created a brand new guide to all our Transporter T5 and T6 kits! Check it out at AirRide.co.uk/transporters.

We currently have seven kits for Transporters, with each offering something a little different; whether you're looking for an extra comfortable ride, a low drop or something in between, we've got you covered. Our kits suit any budget too, with prices starting at £1,399 for our TA Technix kit.

Meanwhile, if you're after the best T5 kit money can buy, then look no further than the AirRide Ultimate kit. This kit uses massive reversible-sleeve bags by Dunlop to give you extreme comfort and durability.

We also have the AirRide Custom kit for comfort, the Custom Plus and Gold kits for lots of drop and kits by ABP and Drivetech, built on Bilstein dampers.

Click the link above to find out more about all our kits, plus management and fitting options.

We also do kits for the T3 and the T4 so if you're still rocking a more classic look then don't fret! See here for our T3 kits and here for our T4 kits.

And if you've got any questions, don't be afraid to give us a call on 0800 772 0315 or ping us an e-mail at enquiries@airride.uk.


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AirRide Guides: How does air suspension work?

At AirRide, we're air suspension experts, with more than 20 years' experience in the industry. If you're not quite as clued up as us, then we're certainly happy to help. For instance, if you don't have much idea what air suspension is yet, you might find this helpful... (If you do know what air suspension is but want to learn more then scroll down - we've got loads of great blogs and videos below.)

So, what is air suspension all about?

It basically involves replacing the standard string that all vehicles have with an air spring (or air bag) or, in the case of some heavy vehicles, installing an air bag in addition to the original spring to offer support to the existing suspension.

Fitting your vehicle with air suspension means you can manually alter the pressure in your air bags to raise or lower your vehicle as much as your want. Or, if you fit air to a van or motorhome, you can alter the pressure to ensure that your height remains the same, no matter the load.

What is an air bag?

Air bags come in many shapes and sizes but we mostly use double-convoluted bags (see below). These have a good range – from fully-up to fully-down of about five inches – although the vehicle is normally driven at a height towards the upper two thirds of that range. The bags must be fitted by brackets, as they bolt onto a flat surface and the original springs do not. In the front of a front-wheel-drive car, a different approach is needed as the airbag must surround the damper for the suspension to function.

The AirLift 3P digital computer system can be used with a phone app

Solenoids open up a number of control possibilities. The most basic is again a simple electric-window switch – up is up/down is down – and you can stop the car anywhere you want in between the two.

They can also come in a ten-switch box, which gives the ability to lift and lower the entire car in one hit, and is often fitted on a long lead, so it can be operated from outside the car.

We also sell a digital computer controller, which allows the entire vehicle to be adjusted in one hit to fivepre-set positions. These are normally set to fully-down, drive, fully-up and two others but can be set to anything you want.

Another major benefit to the computer system is that it can be controlled with a phone app, either on Apple or Android. The app is free, has lots of different functions, and means you don’t have to bother with a controller.

If you want any further information on air suspension or the kits we sell for cars, vans and motorhomes, then give us a call on 0800 7720315 or e-mail at enquiries@airride.uk.

The Viair 485C compressor – the most high-spec compressor we sell

Where does the air come from?

We supply compressors (effectively pumps) that fill an air tank with air at a pressure between 130 and 200 PSI. The compressor is powered from the car battery.

With motorhomes, caravans, and basic van kits, you can to go to a workshop or petrol station and use a tyre inflator to fill the system with air – this is great for a van or motorhome needing a fill once a month or so but we would always recommend a compressor to ensure you never run out of air.

The less-basic van systems can use a very small compressor with no air tank, and the compressor pumps up the bags directly. Again though, ideally it is best to have both a compressor and an air tank.

If you have air bags on all four corners of your vehicle you should always fit it with a compressor.

How is air controlled?

The most basic air control system is a simple mechanical paddle, like an electric window switch, which basically opens and closes a tap to let air in and out. This is unsophisticated and very slow, but it is reliable and is the system of choice on vans for load-levelling and load support. These systems typically take between 20 seconds and five minutes to lift the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can use solenoid valves. These are again basically taps that open and close but solenoids are electrical.

A double-convoluted air bag
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AirRide’s 9 Top Fitting Tips: Video

Check out the video to find out AirRide's top fitting tips.

Or if words are more your thing, then click here to see our 9 fitting tips in text form!

We've also teamed up with Performance MINI magazine ready for next month's issue, when they'll be running an eight-page feature detailing exactly how to fit an AirRide Gold kit, so make sure you pick it up if you're interested in fitting air ride yourself (the fitting steps are the same with or without a MINI).

Of course, we also offer a fitting service at AirRide, plus support for you and your garage if you decide to fit your kit at home. However you want to do it, we've got you covered.

Make sure you also follow us on Instagram for more great video content. We're at @airride.co.uk.




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Moonshine, Modded Cars & Mexico: Air Suspension in Motor Sport

The iconic Daytona beach race course, the first course to host a NASCAR race

Moonshine runners would take a normal-looking car, then remove the floorboards and all the seats (other than the driver’s seat) to fill it with as many cases of liquor as possible. They’d then mod the engine to give it greater speed, wait for it to get dark and race it to its destination before they got caught.

When air-spring technology was developed in the 1940s, many runners were quick to bag their cars to support the added weight of the whiskey, which was still smuggled after Prohibition to avoid tax

It became so widespread that runners, especially those in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia, would often race their modified cars on the weekends, which eventually paved the way for NASCAR.

The first-ever organised stock race was held in 1936, at Daytona beach in Florida (see above), with almost all its racers either current or former moonshine runners. When NASCAR was finally born at the same course in February 1948, its first ever race winner (and eventual two-time champion), Red Byron (right), was a former runner.

Some vehicles in the Baja 100 race in Mexico still use air suspension

Air suspension has loads of different uses – it can slam your car to street-skimming heights, raise your motorhome off the ground and give your vehicle a silky-smooth ride – but one of its first ever uses was actually in stock car racing!

In fact, the early years of NASCAR (that’s the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, if you didn’t know) were dominated by cars with air suspension. In the 1950s and ‘60s, almost every stock car racing team in NASCAR used Air Lift springs, including the very best racers.

This air ride revolution didn’t take place overnight, though. In fact, its domination came about because of the national prohibition of alcohol in the US, between 1920 and 1933 (bear with us here).

This is because the Prohibition led to the rise of ‘moonshine runners’. These guys were some of the first ever custom car owners, but they weren’t modifying their rides just for the occasional show. They had a much more important job – to smuggle whisky and other alcohol throughout the country under cover of night.

Red Byron, the first ever winner of a NASCAR race and former moonshine runner

Of course, air suspension was used in NASCAR for two decades, due to its versatility and improved handling and traction, before eventually being replaced by coil springs in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

However, air ride does live on in racing! It’s still used in time attack events (effectively time trials where racers compete for the fastest lap time), in particular at the World Time Attack Challenge, an annual event in Sydney that is widely regarded as the highest-quality time attack competition in the world.

Air suspension is also used in Baja racing, including the Baja 1000 in Mexico, one of the most prestigious off-road races in the world. It has attracted competitors from more than 27 countries and has been an annual event since 1967 (it looks like fun too – see left!)

To get your stock racing car on air, give us a call on 0800 7720315 or e-mail at enquiries@airride.uk. And, even if you’re not using your car to smuggle whiskey, give us a bell anyway.

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AirRide’s Nine Top Fitting Tips

If you pick up the next copy of Performance MINI you'll notice a massive, extremely exciting eight-page feature towards the back (page 76 to be precise).

That feature is brought to you directly from the workshop at AirRide, where we talked the Performance MINI guys through the fitting process for an AirRide Gold kit.

Most AirRide Gold kits are fitted in the same way, so, if you're thinking of fitting air to your car, the mag may be worth a look even if you don't have a MINI.

In the meantime, here are AirRide's top fitting tips for AirRide Gold*:

  1. We'll start with a boring but important one - always read the instructions before doing anything! Fitting air is simple enough if you know what you're doing but it's easy to make a mistake if you're not careful.
  2. Always take some measurements before you begin. Place your vehicle on a flat surface and measure the height of each corner from the 12-o’clock position on the top of the arch to the floor. Then plan how much lower you would ideally like your vehicle, considering what seems practical from the measurements.
  3. Start off by installing the management. Installation can be a two-day job so if you start with the management, you can come back and do the rest later (as soon as you take the suspension off, your car will be immobile.)
  4. When installing all your management, make sure to use thread sealant to seal the unions. Unions will seal better if not pressurised for 24 hours so fit them in advance if possible!
  5. When finding somewhere to put your compressor, people often find that boxing it away to keep it safe is a good idea, as it reduces sound and improves safety. However, it will need air flow as it will get hot and could exceed the temperature rating. Use a 12v computer fan for some added air flow, if needed.
  6. When connecting your airlines, use bulkhead fittings if you can. These can go through panels, meaning you don't have airlines noticeably running all over the place, and they prevent the outside of the line from being scratched.
  7. To release an air line after it is already secured, depressurise it, push it in, then push the retaining collar in and, while still pressing the collar, firmly pull the line out. They can be fitted several times but for a good seal cut half an inch off to seal on a fresh piece of line.
  8. Gold kits are four-way adjustable, so remember to set them how you want before fitting. It's normal to have been too adventurous with your drop – just remove the struts and re-adjust. This may take several attempts to get just right! You can adjust the height without fully removing the struts but be careful to count the turns to ensure left and right are even, or just take them off to be sure.
  9. Once the kit is fitted, set the car to about half way between your dropped height and max lift. Take it for a test drive. Does it need to be lifted or dropped? This is very subjective, so the decision is up to you! You can then set the computer’s pre-sets for different ride heights.

Use the car finder above to find a Gold kit for your car, or call us on 0800 7720315 or e-mail us at enquiries@airride.uk for more information!

*Please bear in mind this is not a step-by-step guide, but tips to accompany a full set of instructions. AirRide does not hold any responsibility for injuries sustained fitting air suspension or any consequences arising from doing so.

An AirRide technician using thread sealant
AirRide Gold fitting tips
An AirRide air tank waiting to be fitted
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5 Reasons To Get A Load-Support Kit

Dunlop load-support kit

Load-support kits are our most popular kits for motorhome, campervan and van owners. We sell kits from household name Dunlop, as well as Australian manufucaturers Boss.

We can do a load-support kit for almost any vehicle, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call or e-mail if you can't find your kit in the kit finder or search bar, or if you're still not convinced, read on...

  1. Dunlop kits are the creme de la creme of air suspension. You may know the name from their shoes, bike tyre or tennis balls - Dunlop even sponosred Steffi Graf and John McEnroe back in the day - but most importantly, they just make really, really good air bags. Dunlop bags are super reliable too - that's why AirRide offer a five-year warranty on all their kits. I know, you cannot be serious, right?Boss, meanwhile, manufacture all their load-support kids for the ruggedness of the Australian outback. Their bags are as tough as they come - not only can they survive the 50-degree heat of Australia's red centre, but the sub-freezing temepatures of Scandinavia too - perfect if you're taking your motorhome around the world!
  2. Load-support kits offer a much more comfortable ride. Load-support kits are fitted in addition to your vehicle's original spring, meaning they literally 'support' the original suspension. This re-inforcement can only mean one thing - your ride gets better. Bumps in the road will be ironed out once more, providing a much smoother experience.
  3. Air suspension is adjustable. This means you can raise and lower the pressure of your air bags to make sure your vehicle always stays level, no matter the load. It also means you can adjust the vehicle's height to load it before raising it again.
  4. Improved stability. Load support makes your vehicle perfectty level, meaning crosswinds buffer each part of it evenly. This makes it more stable, helping at junctions, roundabouts and motorways, therefore making your motorhome nicer to drive.
  5. More ground clearance. Air suspension on the back of your vehicle obviously increases the distance between the bottom of it and the ground, which reduces damage to the underside of the vehicle and makes towing easier.

Remember, give us a call on 0800 772 0315 or e-mail at enquiries@airride.uk to discuss load-support kits for your vehicle. We're happy to get calls and we can even install the kit for you too!

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Turn your car from Japanese to JapAIRnese

If you're looking to bag your Japanese car, whether it be a Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi or even Daihatsu, AirRide is the place to come.

We have more than 300 unique kits for Jap cars (or kurumas, as they're known in Japan), including 63 for Hondas and Acuras, 66 for Toyotas and Lexuses and 54 for Nissans and Infinitis.

We even supply state-of-the-art kits for sport cars such as the Mazda RX-7 and Nissan 350Z, and kits for every Evo, from 1-10.

And if those cars are just a little bit out of your price range then fret not, dozens of more affordable cars are catered for too, including the Honda Civic.

Plus, the kits for all these cars (and the 300-odd others!) are bolt-on, meaning they are simple enough for any local garage to fit. You may even be able to fit your kit yourself!

You can find the kit for your car using the car finder above. Just click on it, then select the manufacturer for your car.

And if you can't find a kit for your car, then we can probably make a kit for you! Call us on 0800 772 0315 or e-mail us at enquiries@airride.uk to find out more.



Subaru BRZ
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Get the Ultimate ride for your T5 or T6

T5 and T6 AirRide Ultimate kit

Just in case you weren't satisfied with the fantastic kits we already had, AirRide is bringing out another kit for the T5 and T6.

This one's different from the others though - you might even call it the ultimate. Well, we did at least - and so let us introduce the AirRide Ultimate kit for T5s and T6s.

This kit uses huge, reversible-sleeve bags for its struts, made exclusively for AirRide by Dunlop, a brand reknowned for its high quality and reliability.

It is these bags, which are reversible-sleeve on the front and back, that give this kit the best ride quality of any T5 or T6 out there, and by quite some distance. You'll think you're riding on clouds, or near enough at least...

However, that incredibly smooth ride does come at a cost. The AirRide Ultimate kit is built for comfort and durability, so if you're looking for extreme drop, it's probably best to look to one of our other kits.

You won't have to look far though - our new AirRide Custom Plus kit will offer your T5 or T6 a staggering amount of drop, and it too is actually pretty comfy considering the drop.

And if, for some reason, that's not your thing, we have six more kits to choose from. Click here to see our product page for Transporters.

Whatever you want for your T5 or T6, AirRide have got the right kit for you. Call us on 0800 7720315 or e-mail us at enquiries@airride.uk to find out more about the AirRide Ultimate and Custom Plus kits.



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Kits for any Mercedes since the 1960s!

We've recently been inundated with tonnes of requests for Mercedes kits, including the stunning S-Class W116 on the right! As such, we thought we'd take the opportunity to tell you all about them...

We have 36 different kits for Mercedes cars, as part of our AirRide Gold and TA Technix ranges - BUT we can supply a kit for any Mercedes from the 1960s onwards! All our Gold and TA Technix kits are bolt-on, meaning any local garage will be able to fit it and you may be able to fit it yourself.

Gold kits are also ideal if you want a really low ride, as they always come with adjustable struts. These can be altered in four different ways, which means you can set the height of your Mercedes to whatever you like and drop it as low as you want, too.

To find out if we have a Gold kit for your Mercedes, click here and use the 'Model' drop-down menu to search for your car.

TA Technix kits are a great alternative if you're not bothered about dropping your Benz right to the ground - although it will still give it a stylish, low stance if that's what you're after. They're cheaper than Gold kits too; have a look at our range for Mercedes by clicking here.

And don't forget, if you can't find a kit for your Mercedes or any other car, we can probably make a kit for you! Call us on 0800 772 0315 or e-mail us on enquiries@airride.uk to find out more.

Follow us on Instagram as well for loads of great pics and videos of Mercedes and other cars.



Mercedes S-Class W116 with air ride
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Make your Mercedes more magnificent with a Custom kit

Mercedes S-Class W116

The most recent car to come through our workshop is this gorgeous Mercedes S-Class W116.

This Merc has been fitted with an AirRide Custom kit, part of our bespoke range of kits that are made to order.

The main benefit of a Custom kit, other than the fact that we can make one for any car (yes, any car!), is that it can be made to achieve exactly what you want from your air suspension.

For example, most customers who order one of our bespoke kits for their car are looking to slam it, but air suspension can also be used to provide extra comfort - yes, even on a Mercedes S-Class!

That's why this car isn't skimming the street, but rather off the floor, for the limo feel that only an AirRide Custom kit can offer.

To order your own Custom kit, call us on 0800 772 0315 or e-mail us on enquiries@airride.uk. To see if we already have a kit for your car, use the car finder above.

And don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more snaps of this S-Class and much more!

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Introducing AirRide’s Magic MINI!

We've been busy in the workshop lately, fitting AirRide Gold to this beautiful MINI R50.

The folks from Performance MINI magazine even came down to have a look, with their photographer taking snaps of every step of the installation process. The MINI will be featured in the May and June issue of the magazine as part of a handy installation guide, so if you want to know exactly how air is fitted, look no further!

But if you can't wait 'til then, drop us a call or e-mail and we can send you fitting steps for your kit. One of our favourite things about AirRide Gold kits is that they're bolt-on, meaning you may be able to fit the kit yourself (or any local garage can if you don't feel comfortable doing so).

To see more brilliant pictures like this one, make sure to give our Instagram a follow, too. As well as great pics of our Magic MINI, you'll also find videos of air suspension in action, snaps of our great range of kits and interactive stories. See you there!

And don't forget, we don't just do air suspension for cars. On our insta you'll find some pics of a T5 we recently fitted, as well as this video. #TooshieTuesdays is definitely a thing, right?

Have a look at the AirRide Gold page for MINIs here. To check out Gold kits for any other car, click here.

MINI R50 with AirRide Gold
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Follow AirRide on Instagram

Instagram for Cars

AirRide is now on Instagram. We have been so busy designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing air suspension over the past couple of decades that we didn't even spot Instagram as the perfect place to share all the happenings at AirRide! To make sure you only see the content you're interested in, we have created two pages - an Instagram for cars and an Instagram for vans, motorhomes and pickups.

At the bottom of this page you will see a selection of the other social media we use, which are also separated between cars and larger vehicles.

Instagram for Commercials

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Introducing our XL-ent new page…

We now have a brand new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for you to check out - AirRide XL.

Our AirRide XL pages are especially for those of you who have, or would like to have, air suspension on heavy vehicles - such as vans, pick-ups and motorhomes.

Follow AirRide XL for special offers, pictures, videos, advice on fitting, and information on the many different load-support kits we offer.

You can find our AirRide XL Facebook page here and the Twitter page here, and the Instagram page here.
Alternatively, you can find them both later by searching for 'AirRideXL' in the site's search bars.

Don't forget to follow our main Facebook page too for lots of extra air ride content!

AirRide XL logo
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AirRide Gold for C Class

Easy-to-fit air suspension

Our AirRide Gold kits are known and developed to be easy to fit.

A great example of this is the bolt-on conversion for the Mercedes C Class, where the development and engineering of the product are both geared toward making life easy for the installer. The rear is fitted with just one bolt at the bottom, which is more than the C Class's original springs.

To see our full range of more than 600 AirRide Gold kits, click here.

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