New! Ducato, Jumper, Relay, Boxer X290, X295 (2020-) load support kit

Close up of a new Fiat Ducato kit top bracket on blue background

Newer Fiat Ducato vans, campers and motorhomes need a different kit. This is because the later suspension design has less room between the chassis and leaf spring (near the bumpstop), and existing kits won't fit correctly. If your Ducato is 2020+ you will definitely need the new kit. If your Ducato was first registered between 2018-2020, you might need the new kit. It may also be required on some early vehicles where there is limited space.

We've seen examples where the standard kit does physically fit and has been installed on a vehicle but the bags are too compressed to do anything - meaning the ride quality has actually got worse!

Most sellers only offer one kit for all Ducatos from 1994 onwards. This could be because of a number of reasons. We do air suspension installation and servicing in our Norwich workshop so we spot any differences in suspension design when the vehicles come in. Therefore we're either able to source the parts customers need or modify existing kits. Other companies who sell air suspension in addition to their main business and don't offer installations do not have our level of knowledge. That's why they can't provide tech advice for customer queries before or after the sale: they only have the information that comes in the box. As for eBay sellers... There are some good ones out there but their kits are priced accordingly - just like ours. Sellers of cheap kits are an entirely differernt breed. They're not in the business of selling a kit that will fit your vehicle.  They're in the business of selling lots of cheap kits and it doesn't matter if they get a few unhappy customers stuck with parts they cannot use.

What's in the kit? Two double-convoluted air bags, brackets, bolts and fittings necessary for installation. The basic kit comes with Schrader valves but various on board air options are available.


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