Classic Mini

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The Classic Mini air suspension kit is such an incredible improvement to the suspension of this fabulous car than brings it right into the new millennium.

The ability to improve the ride quality dramatically whilst retain fantastic handling is something that no other conversion for the Mini has ever achieved – this new air suspension kit does all of this, and as a bonus – you can adjust the height of the suspension at the touch of a button (fully controlled kits).




The kit was first launched in 2007, and then developed further with our v2.0. this is easier to install (front end is just nuts and bolts), more comfortable and cheaper too. Pictured below is the v2 kit front end. This has now been discontinued in favour of the v2.1 tubular wishbones.


The various coil spring conversions may “help” but the ability to tune and change the characteristics as you want make this conversion so much more than anything else on the market.

The first kit took 12 months development, and testing (including lots of road miles) before our new Classic Mini air suspension kit was ready to be launched in 2007. It was redeveloped in late 2012 and shown in the videos above.




The kits are bolt-on and weld-on with no fabrication required – basic mechanical and engineering skills and the ability to remove the cones (and a small amount of rear end welding). If you can remove the cones you can most likely fit the air suspension kit. A welded plate is required in the boot to add enough strength and clearance (supplied). As with all products fitted to Minis the vehicles vary from car to car by up to half an inch so it is not possible to manufacture a product that is a presicion fit and some tweaking may be necessary for final fit. Above is pictured a very high specification kit with solenoids and computer but the old v1 brackets/struts. For details on the new kits please watch the videos.

These kits serve two functions – they improve the ride quality beyond comprehension – gone is the bouncy harsh ride from the cones (or coil springs if you converted), and you have a modern comfy ride, but it still retains all the character and handling the Mini is so famous for.

New v2.1 tubular wishbones are better looking, stronger, lighter and easier to fit.



Twin Basic controllers - 1 switch for each corner, 1 gauge for the front and one for the rear - two needles in each gauge

Very small but very powerful compressor generates the air pressure for the system. 2Lt coke bottle for reference


This is the On Board Air Kit (OBA) for dashboard control. Probably the coolest feature is the ability to lift or drop the car 5 inches at the touch of a button. The Standard kits take around 8 seconds to lift the car, whilst the Super kits take less than 1 second!!

A large number of options are available in relation to the control of the air suspension, please email if needed. You will need adjustable front arms to ensure the correct geometry at your chosen ride height, and a small brake hose modification is required to the front end. Welding (with parts supplied) is also necessary on the rear end to ensure the mounting area is strong enough and spacious enough for the air suspension.

Prices for bag/bracket kits from £1295. Please email or call if you need further info.

Boot adjusted Kit:

This kit comes with a 4 way manifold that you can inflate via. This can be done anywhere you can inflate a tyre or using a compressor if you have one.


Dash adjusted basic kit:

This kit comes with 4 manual switches that are mounted inside the car. It comes with a tank and compressor so you can adjust with the switches whilst out and about.


Dash adjusted solenoid kit:

This kit comes with electric window type switches. It is faster than the basic kit and you have the option to add extra devices to control it, such as various remotes.


Solenoid kit + remote:

This is the faster solenoid kit  plus a key-fob type  remote. This allows you to lift or drop the vehicle from outside. Definite head turner when you get out of your car and lower it while walking away!


Classic Mini Air Suspension Conversion.

This kit will convert any Classic mini but has only been tested for clearance on disk braked models. Full fitting service available if required.

These pages are being updated. Please visit our NEW SHOP for latest prices and to place an order. Alternatively please feel free to EMAIL or call 0800 772 0315.