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Full Caddy Range

AirRide has every Caddy covered. Regardless of if you have a Type 14, a Type 9k or a Type 2k every VW Caddy from 1980 to current can be fitted with air suspension front and rear.

We have our own range of 6 link rear conversions which are heavy duty, allow these vehicles to run very very low and provide better ride and handling than the original suspension - the best of every world. You really can have your cake and eat it. Kits are available in various specs with front suspension, and with numerous managements.


Also known in some markets as the VW Rabbit Pickup this classic vehicle is well suited to AirRide. Air Suspension brings this vehicle into the modern era improving handling, and ride as well as allowing the suspension on the rear to drop until the tyres are hard locked into the bodywork. At the touch of a button it will raise with any legal load and spare capacity.


The 9K made from 1995 to 2004  was sold in some markets as the Volkswagen Polo Caddy and the SEAT Inca. 6 link rear with conventional strut front means this vehicle can accomodate any load, improves handling and ride quality and you can go as low as you want whenever you want.


The 2K Caddy made from 2003 to current also has a 6 link rear suspension kit aligned to conventional front struts.

Aluminium Tanks

Aluminium tanks offer two main advantages over steel ones: Firstly, they do not rust in the same way or as severely, and secondly, they are lighter (and they look better!)

AirRide has used aluminium tanks for over ten years, from a time when the costs were prohibitive. As aluminium tanks have become more common place, costs have come down, and although they remain slightly more expensive than steel, they should still be the first choice for most.

Trailer Suspension

Trailers towed behind cars, vans and pick-ups are ideal candidates for air suspension for all the same reasons air is used on vans and pick-ups. Air bag-equipped trailers handle better, ride better and are easier to load and hitch. They are also mercifully quieter to tow.

The range of trailer products is universal, so don't expect a direct, bolt-on fit.

Universal Struts

For vehicles without a bolt-on kit, the alternative is usually a universal strut. These are struts without fittings which can easily be welded in place. This is ideal for highly-customised vehicles which will truly sit on the floor and for classic cars where kits are not available in the same range.


Quality Control

One in a hundred bags is tested to destruction in a controlled test chamber to pressures exceeding 750 PSI. This ensures the manufacturing and design of these bags is second to none.

Advanced Construction

Boss bags are made using advanced machinery, tested well beyond real world scenarios, and contain internal designs that ensure they are durable and reliable.

Made by Boss

Boss bags are made by Boss in their own dedicated facility. The bags have been evolving in terms of both durability and performance ever since they were first made, in 2005.

Leading Technology

Boss bags lead the way in bag-sealing technology, using forged rings.

Tough Brackets

6mm steel brackets on most kits mean they are tougher than most other kits on the market.

Easy to Install

Boss kits are easy to fit with most kits being a simple bolt-on installation.

Boss 06
Fiat Ducato, Citroen and Peugeot
We offer kits for all VW Caddies from 1980 to current. Mk1 (generation 1 kit in red) is listed below for historical reasons but has now been superseded by the 6 link conversion.

This includes Type 14, Type 9k and Type 2k. The rear end conversions are FULL air suspension kits and can be

These pages are being updated. Please visit our NEW SHOP for latest prices and to place an order. Alternatively please feel free to EMAIL or call 0800 772 0315.

This is our Mk1 Caddy kit. This bolt on conversion is low, and practical with vastly superior ride to a coil over conversion and flipped axle set up, with handling to match coil overs, ride quality to match a more modern vehicle and the awesome ability to lift and drop on a switch. Its a ladder bar conversion which uses poly bushes for quiet road manners.

NEW 6 bar kit available. See below.




Caddy snap 01

Full manual kit

The basic kit comes without controller or on board air which is perfect if you want to get started or have your own air management. The basic controller kit comes with:- Tank, Compressor, Controller, fittings and pretty much everything needed to get you on air. Parts are normally black or grey, but red is used for illustration.

We also do a stripped down basic kit and several kits with remotes and computers - please indicate your requirements and we can price accordingly if you dont see what you want on the drop down list.

Basic rear kit

This is a rear end air suspension kit for the MK1 Caddy. Fully bolt on conversion using the correct bags - no broken springs or brakes to rebuild. Simple install very low, superb riding and handling. Kit as pictured above. Parts are normally black or grey, but red is used for illustration.

Inflated via Schrader valves (tyre valves) and nothing extra required to get kit working.



We have a new 6 bar kit with adjustable rose joint suspension. As is always the rose joints have a harsher nature than poly bushes in the standard kit but for high performance vehicles offer more accurate and more consistent location, which is why they are used in motorsport.

Kit prices for rear end only from £1375. Superb quality, reversible and bolt on. Add £100 for uprated shorter dampers.

Please email enquiries@airride.co.uk or call 08007720315 for more information or a personal quote.

These pages are being updated. Please visit our NEW SHOP for latest prices and to place an order. Alternatively please feel free to EMAIL or call 0800 772 0315.