Mercedes Vito (W447)

AirRide offers a full range of kits for the third generation Mercedes Vito, Viano, Valente, Marco Polo,  Metris or V Class (W447; 2014–present).  All kits direct bolt on, with various management options. Our kits fit van, people carrier and motorhome versions in rear and four wheel drive and all models including sports versions.

Prices start from £3225


What air suspension is, and why you should choose an AirRide kit

What is air suspension?

Air suspension basically involves replacing the metal suspension springs in your van with air bags, or air springs. This means you can set your van to any height you wish and constantly adjust the height of your van after installation and while on the road.

AirRide have been manufacturing and selling air suspension kits for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on supplying the very best kits available, with components chosen for reliability and safety. No-one else has our experience, knowledge of as many air suspension markets, or product range. We never compromise on safety to get costs down, and even our basic kits far exceed minimal functional requirements.

We are your go-to, one-stop-shop for all your air needs. Read on to get your van on air.

Full or rear suspension?

Kits for vans can either be full suspension or rear suspension. Full suspension kits, like most kits for cars, feature four air bags (one for each corner of the vehicle) and can be used to both raise and lower the vehicle.

Rear-end kits, otherwise known as load-support kits, are fitted to the rear of the vehicle only, in addition to the vehicle's existing metal spring. They are primarily used simply to lift the rear and bring it level with the front of the vehicle. They are ideal for vans that carry lots of load at the back and have, or are in danger of having, a sagging rear.


Specifications vary but safety never does! All our car kits:

  • Are fully circuit independent, with four circuits, front, back and side to side. We do not offer two-circuit systems for cars, as they are neither safe or legal for road use
  • Use the highest-quality, leak-free unions
  • Include safety-pressure relief valves
  • Includes an air tank gauge, if your kit includes a tank


Air works best with air management. Find out how to control your air here

Basic kits

If you’re only looking for something simple, we can still provide exactly what you’re after.  If you want air suspension without all the bells and whistles, we offer single-axle bag/bracket or strut kits or basic Schrader (tyre) valve kits with no On-Board Air.

If you want a bit more but still don’t want solenoids or a computer system, you can opt for a Manual Paddle Control kit, which uses four electric-window-style paddles to control your air on each corner of the vehicle.

Solenoid kits

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, you may want to install solenoids as part of your system. These are a little bit more complicated to install than a Manual Paddle Control kit or a computer kit, but they are more versatile and take up less space.

The speed of your air system depends on the size of solenoid you choose, meaning you can go for what you feel is right. Solenoids can also be used with electronic and remote controllers.

Computer kits

The best and most advanced way of controlling your air is with a digital computer system. There are several different computers you can opt for, depending on your budget, but most computer kits have several features not available with solenoids.

You can have computers that have programmable pre-sets, meaning you can change your ride height with one touch, computers that can automatically change your height to suit the road conditions, and some computers that can be used with a phone app – among lots of other cool features, depending on which system you choose.


Exactly what you get in the box with each air management kit

Manual Paddle Control (MPC) kit

This is the most basic management kit. It’s easy to install, has the least amount of kit to fit, is reliable and can be upgraded for more sophistication later. MPC kits include:

  • Front and rear air suspension
  • Four manual paddle controls (one for each corner)
  • 100% duty cycle compressor
  • Three-gallon (US) air tank
  • Two dual-needle gauges (for reading pressure in the air bags)
  • One single-needle gauge (for reading pressure in the air tank)
  • An easy-to-fit airline (1/4")
  • Leak-free fittings
  • PRV, pressure switch, relay

Solenoid kit

The solenoid kit is also easy to install, albeit slightly more complicated than the MPC kit, reliable and can be upgraded to a computer kit later. Solenoid kits include:

  • Front and rear air suspension
  • Four electric suspension switches (one for each corner)
  • Eight solenoids (can be upgraded to various speeds) OR four manifolds of two solenoids each
  • 100% duty cycle compressor
  • Three-gallon (US) air tank
  • Two dual-needle gauges (for reading pressure in the air bags)
  • One single-needle gauge (for reading pressure in the air tank)
  • An easy-to-fit airline (1/4")
  • Leak-free fittings
  • PRV, pressure switch, relay

Computer kit

Computer kits are the easiest kits to install and still super reliable. They include:

  • Front and rear air suspension
  • Auto Pilot V2, AirLift 3P or AccuAir computer controller
  • Three-gallon (US), 200 PSI tank
  • 100% duty cycle compressor
  • A computer display (which means no gauges are necessary)
  • A phone app that can be used to control your air in or outside the vehicle
  • An easy-to-fit airline (1/4")
  • Leak-free fittings
  • PRV, pressure switch, relay


The types of AirRide kit available for your van. Each one offers something different

AirRide Custom

AirRide Custom is a range of kits that we build to order.

We have lots of Custom kits already listed in our ‘Shop’ section, but if you can’t find a kit for your car we should still be able to build a Custom kit for you – just call us or send us an e-mail.

AirRide Gold

AirRide Gold is our bolt-on range of direct fitment air suspension conversions. Gold kits are simple to install, offer a great level of drop and give a smoother ride than most other custom car conversions. They are ideal for anyone looking for a sporty ride, or anyone looking for a quicker and easier install than a Custom kit offers.


AirRide Custom kits:

✅ Can be tailor-made to your vehicle’s exact specifications, meaning they should always be a perfect fit

✅ Can be made for almost any vehicle, no matter how rare

✅ Are made by us, here at AirRide, ensuring the highest-quality standards available

✅ Are designed from the ground up to ensure they work best with your vehicle. For instance, our T5 kits have specially-designed front struts to support a heavier air bag

✅ Offer a really smooth ride and much better handling than standard suspension

Whats in the kit

It’s impossible to say exactly what’s in an AirRide Custom kit because each one is made from scratch to suit your vehicle’s needs!

If you want to know exactly what you’ll be getting, either before or after ordering the kit, call or email us and we’ll be happy to tell you once we know your vehicle and any necessary measurements.

AirRide Custom is available with air management, but can also come with a basic Schrader valve kit. Schrader valve kits cannot be used to control your air from on board the vehicle, instead requiring you to re-inflate your system every month or so at a local garage or petrol station. This works fine with load-support kits but is not recommended for full-suspension kits.


AirRide Gold kits:

✅ Are bolt-on fit, meaning they’re so easy to install any garage should be able to fit it, and you might even be able to install it yourself

✅ Are double-adjustable. During installation, you can choose precisely how low your car naturally sits, while you can also alter your height as much as you wish after installation with air management

✅ Allows your car to drop incredibly low for the sportiest ride around. Gold kits offer a lower drop than any of our other kits

✅ Will be yours sooner than a Custom kit as we don’t have to build them – which make them cheaper too!

Whats in the kit

Here’s exactly what you get in your kit:

⭐ Two front  Vito performance air struts

⭐ Two rear VIto  performance air struts

⭐ Four air bags, one for each corner (built into struts)

⭐ Viair 444C compressor or equivalent

⭐ Necessary brackets, bolts and fittings to install the system

⭐ A computerised air control system from our standard or deluxe range