Terms used in Air Suspension

FBSS – Front Back and Side to Side.
FB – Front Back – This is dangerous as installed on most vehicles and we will NOT supply or install FB kits.
Drop – How far from the Original height will the car drop.
Lift – How far up from Original height will the car lift.
Range – The difference between the fully down and fully up position.
Inflated – Bags fully inflated are at the highest setting.
Deflated – Bags fully deflated are at the lowest setting.
Compressor – Electric (normally) compressor is driven from battery and generates pressurised air for the air system.
Tank – Used to store pressured (compressed air) for immediate use when you need to alter ride height.
Ultra Fast Kit – Any kit taking less than 1 second to lift from fully down to fully up.
Fast Kit – Any kit that takes less than 3 seconds to lift the vehcile from fully down to fully up.
Medium Slow – Any kit taking from 3-10 seconds to lift from fully down to fully up.
Slow Kit – Any kit taking more than 10 seconds to lift from fully down to fully up.
Show Kit – normally a faster kit, with more air capacity, and often also has remote control.
Remote Control – You can operate some or all of the functions wirelessly from a distance.
Non-Electric Control – The system is opperated by cockpit activated paddle switches which are in fact miniature taps allowing the air to the bags. This is the slowest, and cheapest of all kits but also the most reliable as there is nothing to go wrong, and it does not need electricicty (provided you have air in the tank).
Electric Control – the system uses solenoid valves to control the flow of air, and is operated by electric window type switches, to make the vehicle lift or drop – just like with a window it can be stopped at the top, at the bottom, or anywhere in between.
Computer Control – The system uses a computer and pressure sensors (sometime also height sensors) to control the air, and also usually the compressor operation.
Leader Hose
Pressure Sensor
Pressure Switch
Height Sensor