Air Bags

Here at AirRide we stock many bags and can obtain a vast amount (in the tens of thousands) so please do let us know if your needs are not listed. Single, Double and Triple Convoluted. Bags are identified by their diameter as this is the most significant factor, both in terms of fitting a gap on the vehicle and also the load that can be accommodated. Height is a secondary factor as it can be designed within the bracket.

We sell a vast range of Air Bags for vehicle suspensions. Although traditionally called air bags, airbags or air bellows, the correct term is air spring (although these terms are also used to describe just the rubber bellows element with its end plates). The air pressure inflates the bellows, and raises the chassis from the axle.

Air Springs can also be crimped to end caps (ideal for replacing coil springs, and adding to provide support to leaf springs) or open ended, in which case they can be bolted to end caps or bolted to shocks to create Chapman or McPherson struts. Compounds vary as do pressures but most low specification bags are rated up to 100 or 105 psi, with higher spec bags such as our Boss range or the Slam range going to 160psi and 200 psi respectively. Bags up to 400 psi are available but are limited to extreme uses not seen on road vehicles.

If you cannot see your requirements listed below please contact us on enquiries@airride.uk or phone  0800 772 0315