Slam your car with Air Lift Performance

AirRide are delighted to now be selling more than 250 kits from Air Lift Performance - the off-shoot of Air Lift dedicated to street-skimming air suspension.

Air Lift Performance design kits specifically to slam your car right to the ground, although they'll also raise your ride height when needed to offer the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Air Lift were founded in Michigan, USA, in 1949, and since then have become one of the most iconic names in air suspension. When it comes to dropping cars, they have plenty of previous - stock racing cars were fitted with Air Lift in the '50s and '60s, while Air Lift Performance has now been pushing the boundaries of what air can do for two decades.

AirRide now sell more than 850 kits for cars. To find the perfect kit for you, use the car finder above. We're currently updating our product range, so if you can't find your car feel free to call or e-mail us.

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Boss it with Australian air suspension

Queensland-based Boss Air is Australia's premium air suspension brand. They specialise in making the most rugged, durable air bags and load-support kits possible - after all, nothing but the best could withstand the Australian Outback!

Boss air bags aren't just used down under, however. Their air suspension kits have been used all over Europe and have been proven to work well in any conditions - from the 50 degree heat of Australia's red centre to the sub-freezing conditions of Scandinavia. These are the most rugged and versatile load-support kits in the world.

What's more, AirRide has been appointed the UK distributor of Boss air bags and load-support kits; so if you want some Australian grit, we're excited to announce Boss is available in the UK!

Click here to find out more and to see a picture gallery of Boss Air working in all sorts of Aussie conditions - crikey mate!

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New kit for the VW Amarok

AirRide are now selling a Dunlop load-support kit for the beautiful VW Amarok pick-up truck.

Made from the usual high-quality, thick steel, which is then electroplated for long-term durability, this kit is perfect for the Amarok and should last for many years.

The kit also comes with triple-convoluted bags, which provide excellent support, and as always the kit is available with the full range of Dunlop and AirRide inflation systems.

View the kit HERE.

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New Management Video

One question motorhome and van customers always ask is, 'What is the difference between the main air management/ On-Board Air systems?'

We've hopefully answered that question in this video, by illustrating the most common ones, including Schrader valves, Schrader valves with gauges, non-tank compressor systems and tank/digital systems.

Soon, we will be adding a video to cover the main ones for cars too, but would be happy to hear from customers wanting to see more of the products - let us know what you want to see.

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Special Offer on Ducato Leaf-Spring Kits

Ducato X250 £150 Discount

We currently have a very special, limited offer on our most popular Dunlop air suspension kit: The Fiat Ducato X250 (2006 to current) leaf-spring conversion.

You can get this kit right now for £150 (around 15%) off its normal price but this is only while our current stocks last so buy now to avoid disappointment! The normal price is £975 for the Economy Duty On-Board Air (OBA) Kit, but with this offer it is just £825 including VAT and mainland UK postage and packaging.

The Economy Duty On-Board Air Kit has all the advantages of an air supply on the vehicle, meaning you can adjust your van or motor home directly from the cab, but does not have an air tank for instant control as with the Standard OBA kit. Nonetheless, either kit will improve your ride quality, handling and ground clearance and adjust for different loads, drivers, roads or even different weather conditions.

This kit also fits the 2006-onward models of the Citreon Jumper, Citreon Relay and Peugeot Boxer.

Please e-mail or call for specific terms and to claim your discounted kit.

Fiat Ducato Motorhome
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When there is no kit for your vehicle… There is still a kit for your vehicle!

When you have searched Google for hours, trawled dozens of websites, sent countless e-mails and still not found a kit for your vehicle, you may have ended up at AirRide because we have a reputation for providing kits for any vehicle.

If a vehicle has suspension, it can generally be converted to air suspension. Some vehicles are more difficult than others to convert but pretty much any vehicle can have air.

Quite a lot of vehicles can have custom brackets, thanks to our bespoke bracket-building service - as long as we have just a few dimensions - and because we have our own in-house fabricating, blasting and powder-coating equipment we can build items on a one-off basis.

And, for those with a bit of fabricating experience/ability/equipment we can supply flat-pack bracket sets for you to weld yourself, and if your vehicle needs either a Chapman or McPherson strut then these universal struts might be just what you need.

Whatever your air suspension needs, AirRide can help!

Posted by Phil

New Classic Mini Version 3 kit

Bolt on Air Suspension Conversion

AirRide first converted a classic mini to air suspension about 15 years ago, and introduced a kit for the classic Mini well over ten years ago. The Mini is an unusual car with unusual suspension. As such installing air onto the Mini was never a straightforward job. Minor modifications to the front brake hoses, fuel tank and some rear end welding was always required as part of the install. For some time we have been working on a new bolt-on kit for the classic Mini and will be launching the kit very soon. Please check back for the latest information as we get ready to launch the new product.

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New Dunlop kit for MAN and new Crafter

AirRide is pleased to announce a new Dunlop kit for the front wheel drive VW Crafter (2017 onwards models) and MAN TGE (partner vehicle). As with all Dunlop sales kits, these are load support kits, direct bolt-on and come with AirRide's five-year warranty. They also come with a full range of AirRide air management options, which vary from simple Schrader (tyre) valves to dash-mounted buttons or smartphone options.

These kits are simple, competent DIY or local garage-rated for fitment, and improve the ride, handling and stability of the vehicle. Many brand-new motorhomes are not road legal as supplied and require air suspension to achieve required suspension motion. This is ideal for heavy vans needing additional lift or support. In stock and ready to ship.

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New AirRide Gold kits now available!

The AirRide Gold range has expanded!

You can now get a Gold kit for (*deep breath…*) your Mazda, Seat, Dodge, Honda Acura, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Subaru, Skoda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Lexus, Nissan Infiniti, Honda, Daihatsu, Chrysler, BMW, Audi, MINI, Ford, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati!

This is the biggest range of kits we do at AirRide and the biggest range of air kits available in the UK that we know of!

Gold is great for those of you looking for a sporty ride. You can slam your car right down to the ground and also adjust it as you go to give you a bit more clearance when needed.

These kits also come with a management system of your choice, from simple paddle control to a computer that automatically adjusts your ride height depending on road conditions, can adjust your height at the touch of a button, and can be controlled with your phone from inside and outside the vehicle.

Check out the AirRide Gold page by clicking here.

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Air up your Audi

As our graphic designer’s  latest wonderful illustration shows, we now do AirRide Gold kits for Audis! Of course though, the AirRide Gold range covers around 600 vehicles and so many of them are not Audis. The Gold series offers a staggering level of drop, sporty handling, easy installs, and is available with air management too.

There’ll be more information, pictures and videos to follow shortly but in the meantime ping us an e-mail or visit the car finder to fit your car with air suspension.

Posted by Jack