VW Transporter T6 Van

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NOTE:- Kits fit T26, T28, and T30 from 2015 to current. We can also supply kits for the T32 and 4wd models. We also do kits for older models of T5 and T4 - please check separate page.


This kit has been tested on a four wheel drive van so we know it's OK for two wheel drive or four wheel drive, and has around 4.3 inches of travel at the front and up to 8.5 inches of travel at the rear.

Front Fully Up

Front fully Down

Unique Front strut with double skinned bag, and armoured leader hose

Rear Air Suspension Fully inflated

and fully deflated

The controller needs to be visible but not so close it can be accidentally adjusted. Three pre-sets allow adjustment to pre-determined settings with the press of only 1 button, but you still have full control via the plus and minus buttons.

These settings are pretty much fully inflated - driving pressures are far lower. New Pictures of Front struts below.

Why are our front struts so good? Well they work exactly like the originals but with airbag/air springs. They use the original thrust bearing, bush and fixings so you know it wont fail. The bag used is a large volume one as small car derived bags just don't work on the VW T6 Transporter - a 6 inch bag needs huge pressure to lift the weighty T6. Car struts (used by many) just wont last on a 3 ton van!
The top cap is quadruple sealed with 3 O rings and a bush to ensure it never loses air from the moving surface. In order for a strut to function the top which is fixed to the vehicle must remain fixed whilst the lower section turns or lift with the wheel. This is where most manufacturers fail, and some don't even realise the need. This has a lovely soft floaty limo type ride when installed.
All struts are powder coated for durability. The rear Schrader kit is pictured below and can be purchased at the bottom of the page.
For a video of this vehicle driving please click here.

Video showing kit coming soon.

We hear and read of dozens of people having bought cheaper struts elsewhere because ours are too expensive. The story is always the same - a long list of complaints about these other "cheaper products":-

  • My strut broke? Often "cheaper struts" use only 17/18mm shafts (from poor quality coil overs). VW struts use a 25mm shafts - almost double the strength and that's what we use - no exceptions and no broken shafts - ever!
  • My struts clonk and bang? - you have torn out your top mount. cheaper struts manufacturers don't seem to understand that the struts need to turn when you turn - we use the original thrust bearing/mount on the top. Its as quiet as it was before!
  • I have to change my rubber mounts every few hundred miles? - see above. If you don't change it then you potential have nothing holding your strut on other than gravity!! eeek.
  • It rides like its on coil overs (badly/harshly/sporty). The airbag is too small. Because they don't know how to build items or they are used to working on smaller cars like Golfs some manufacturers use 6 inch bags. This will never handle or ride well on the large and heavy T6. Using car struts is a big mistake - the T6 is not a car.
  • Its making my back sore - see above
  • I'm fed up with having to take them off all the time for repairs/replacements. I don't want to say I told you so - but there are plenty of cheap ones for sale second hand - I never saw any of ours for sale second hand!
  • They leak all the time. This is a manufacturing and or designs fault. Air bags should hold pressure for 6-12 months with no inflation. Some manufacturers unsafely use a plastic push in hose into the strut - that's why some people say it only leaks when it low or they are turning left!!! The plastic push in line is fabulous but not onto a moving strut - the plastic line only seals if left in a fixed position and comes straight out of the fitting for around 2-3 inches.
  • They refused me an MOT (if correctly carried out!). Tangled hoses, catching airbags, catching tyres, faulty thrust bearings, lose dampers,,,,, all of which we have seen and all of which (rightfully) cause your an to fail its MOT.

Cheaper struts made from POS imported coil overs with no hose fittings, and no thought as to top mount articulation are always a problem. After 15 years making these products these school boy errors are not ones we make. All our struts are made using the correct VW thickness's of materials, diameters of bodies and shafts and take the original VW thrust bearings, and hose clamps. Search the internet and a few forums and you will see pages and pages of issues like those listed above and reported to us over the years.

The standard full 4-way kit (front and rear) will fit the T28 and T30, but do not fit T32's. We can make air struts for the T32 at £225 above the costs listed below.

We are also able to offer "special purpose" air suspension kits for the VW T6 Transporter. the standard kit listed is designed to prioritise comfort, and drops around 100mm from standard, with a 100mm range. We also offer a Mega-lift kit which drops 100mm and allows 200mm range (100mm lift and 100mm drop) which is ideal for vehicles used for forestry and agricultural uses that need additional clearance now and then. We also offer a Mega-drop kit which drops around 160mm from standard with a 100mm range. Results may vary depending upon model and wheels fitted and are for guidance only. Price for Mega-lift and Mega-drop are around £300 extra from the prices listed below.

VW Transporter T6 Van Rear End Kit

This is a rear end air suspension kit for the VW Transporter T6 Van. The rear end kit is VERY simple to install using just 4 bolts each side  and is fully reversible if required. Inflated via Schrader valves (tyre valves) and nothing extra required to get kit working. OBA kits below are optional extras and can be selected from the drop down list or purchased later as an add on.

VW T6 Transporter Front Strut Kits

This front strut is a direct bolt on replacement for the original using the original rubber top mount and thrust bearing and retaining the fixings for the anti roll bar, brake hose guide and sensor cable guide. It features a large bag and is very simple to install. The strut is available on its own, with an optional armoured hose (never use nylon on a front strut), with an inflation valve kit (no management system), and also with the OBA kits above. Note - two OBA kits are not a good way to spend your money - buy a complete kit will be cheaper.

VW T6 Transporter Full air suspension conversion kit

The full 4 wheel air suspension conversion kit for the VW T5 Transporter fits all vehicles from 2003 to current (except some T32's). The kit is a simple bolt on conversion requiring only a few holes to be drilled, and can be reversed later if you trade your vehicle in (or lease it) and wish to take the kit to a newer van later. Only the highest quality components are used throughout, and are chosen for reliability over any other factor. The basic non management kit is just the front strut and rear bag kit without any compressor, controller, or management. Various options are available and the most popular is the basic kit which includes a manual controller. Other options include remotes, solenoids and computers. Twin tanks and twin compressors are also available as additional options.

Special Purpose Extras

If your vehicle is a T32, or you want the Mega-Drop or Mega-Lift kits please order you kit above and select these options here.


 Please note that although our kits may not be in stock, they will be made up to order and are usually dispatched in 14 days. For more accurate information, please contact us.
These pages are being updated. Please visit our NEW SHOP for latest prices and to place an order. Alternatively please feel free to EMAIL or call 0800 772 0315.