Davlos Digital manufacture for us our own electronic digital computerised controllers and we also supply those from several other companies. For further information about your requirements please email or call. Please note that our in house units are UK designed, UK manufactured and housed in aluminium boxes for durability. The are not cheap imported items.

Main Bluetooth Smart Phone controller.

The simple fact is that this controller is fun. You can control your car suspension from your Phone. Its childish and its addictive but it is fun. To make use of this module you will need to be running almost any version of Android (which means it also runs on tablets etc) and have a system operated by solenoids. This controller will work with any solenoid based air suspension system using 4 or 8 solenoids, and some OEM systems running 6 solenoids – more information shortly. For other requirements please contact us.

Since we manufacture these items we are also able to supply branded items subject to volume orders.

The App for the controller is available FOC in the Google Play App store and can be found HERE or just search for “AirRide” in the store.

The instructions are available from this site by clicking HERE. AirRide BT v2

New V2 includes keyfob remote.