What is a solenoid?

A solenoid, or solenoid valve (otherwise known as an air valve, control valve or even just a valve) is a 12v electric device that controls the flow of air in electronically-controlled systems.

You can control them yourself with electrical switches in the cabin - when you flick the switch, the solenoid valve either allows or blocks the flow of air, which in turn allows air to move from the air tank into the bag to lift, and from the bag into the atmosphere to lower. This will change the ride height of the vehicle.

What kind of solenoid is best?

Solenoids come in various sizes, and these offer varying speeds. The size of the internal orifice of a valve (not necessarily the valve itself) will directly relate to the speed of your system. The bigger it is, the faster your flow of air.

The nicest-looking valves come on a manifold (a group of solenoids in a block) for easy, compact fitting. However, these manifolds tend to be smaller and therefore slower. A very fast operation will always require separate valves.

Billet Aluminium Solenoid Valve Pair 3/8"

AirRide solenoid manifolds

We sell three different sizes of solenoid for you to choose from - micro, mini or standard (obviously the bigger you choose, the faster your system will go.)

Alternatively, the manifold (two or more solenoids connected) is easier to install, as there are less connections to fit, and potentially more reliable (as there are also less connections to go wrong).

Mini Solenoid Valve 12v dc air suspension AirRide

A single AirRide mini solenoid

AirRide uses only the best-quality solenoids. You would need just four manifolds for an entire suspension system, as each one includes both an up and down solenoid, or eight single solenoids.

Our solenoids can be configured to be used with a variety of different user interfaces.

Be careful!

We do not recommend and will not fit single circuit systems, where one set of solenoids controls two air bags, as these are dangerous because of air transfer during cornering.


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