AirRide kits for most Vans and Motorhomes

Air Suspension conversion kits for most Motorhomes, Vans and Pickups

These kits are designed for vans and motorhomes, as rear end assistance kits - that is they are fitted in addition to the existing rear suspension in order to improve handling, ride quality, towing, and stability on vans converted into motorhomes, and vans that have been converted or that just need improvement. These kits do not lower vehicles (unless vehicle is coil spring). For lowering please contact us. These kits are bumpstop replacements and particularly well suited to heavy vehicles - i.e. those that spend most of their time near the maximum weight limit.

All kits use high quality airbags - we do not use factory grade bags, Chinese copy bags, or back door knock off bags as found on ebay. All kits use thick high grade quality steel and most are powder coated for superb durability in an environmentally sound coating (no VOCs). Thin or low grade steel used on some copy kits will just bend and distort. We spend quite a lot of time repairing previous attempts at air suspension. All our kits are correctly designed by someone with well over a decade designing and installing air suspension every day.

Fuller details of each kit on the relevant pages from the links below or direct from the shop to the left.

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 Please note that although our kits may not be in stock, they will be made up to order and are usually dispatched in 14 days. For more information, please contact us.