Air bag dimensions

We're currently renovating the site. Common air bag dimensions will be listed here soon to help find the correct bag for your project but in the meantime please feel free to contact us via email and we will try and help with your requirements.

Air Bags/ Air Springs are generally referred to by their diameter. So please specify bag style (single convoluted, double convoluted, reversible sleeve, tapered sleeve, etc), along with diamater, and relaxed on the bench height, ideal fully extended and ideal fully compressed. There are tens of thousands of bags available for cars, vans pickups, and motorhomes so we generally cannot check all catalogues but can often come up with a fairly close match from the range we hold. To match an airbag or application please supply:-

  • Style Required
  • Max Height
  • Min Height
  • Ride Height
  • Diameter
  • Application - Front, Rear, Vehicle type, Weight,,,

Please contact us on enquiries@airride.uk or phone  0800 772 0315