Cancellation rights

Dear Customer,

Thank you for placing your order with AirRide. We appreciate your business.

There are so many possible kits and packages that it is simply not possible to hold everything in stock. We manufacture brackets and use our own custom bags for many applications. Compressors and fittings are imported from America using the very best components available on the market. All components are chosen for absolute reliability and durability – we simply won’t compromise on your safety.

  • Bare components are usually held in stock although this is not always possible as we often have runs on the same products. Bare components are usually available within 7-21 days if not in stock.
  • Kits are almost always made to order following your order. If we anticipate dispatch within 14 days of order you will usually be asked to pay in full. If we anticipate dispatch longer than 14 days from time of order then you will usually be asked only for a non-refundable deposit and the balance prior to dispatch of the kit. This will be between 25% and 50% of the total depending upon how specific the kit is.
  • We specifically draw your attention to the following terms of our contract although suggest you read all terms:-
    • Due to the nature of our products (they are personalized and made to specification) kits are exempt from the right to cancel under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, section 28(1)(b).
    • Due to the fact that stock components are imported and paid for in dollars they are also exempt from the right to cancel under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 section 28(1)(a)(i).
    • In summary the goods that we sell are exempt from the normal right to cancel and therefore your normal right to return goods if you change your mind does not exist. We are not obliged to inform you that this right does not exist but do so for the purposes of openness and fairness. These exemptions because it is unfair for traders to have to accept returns in some circumstances.
    • It is an express term of the contract that time is not the essence of the contract and that delivery of your order will be within a period advised by the company. This maximum period will not be within 30 days if items are to be manufactured for you. It is an express term of the contract that you agree to delivery will be within a period of 90 days, although this can be extended if manufacture takes long. Most orders are fulfilled in considerably less time and these are maximums usually only relevant to complex orders. It is an express term that the guideline time listed below is not a term of the contract and does not constitute a promise of delivery within that period. It is our current and best estimation of the likely dispatch time based upon current information and is given in good faith. If it changes we will try and ensure you are kept up to date with the latest information.
  • We design, manufacture market and install air suspension for a huge variety of vehicles. As such we are not just another agent for an air suspension supplier. If you have a problem or question during your install then we will be only too pleased to help and offer assistance and have dedicated technical staff. In the event that you have problems, questions or queries please:-
    • Take digital pictures of the vehicle, suspension and air suspension in place if applicable – take a number of pictures which are good quality (and in focus) to illustrate the point or question that you have.
    • Email the pictures to enquiries@airride.uk with TECHNICAL in the subject line.
    • Include in your email details of the problem or question that you have and an email for reply (if different) or a phone number. We prefer where possible to answer simple questions by email and more complex questions by phone call.
    • Ultimately if you are having problems with any aspect or your build or if special parts are required we are happy and willing to undertake special manufacture or part or full installation. (at extra cost).
  • In the event of any complaint please email office@airride.co.uk or write to the address at the top of this document.
  • Air suspension can be fitted to any vehicle which has suspension. The work involved varies. Most products are designed for competent DIY fitting by experienced enthusiasts, or for professional fitting by specialists. Reasonable help and support is available from us to ensure you successfully complete your project and it is our experience that those not completing their projects have often not asked for help.
  • It can be difficult to give accurate general information on the availability of products. It can be difficult to predict what will be popular at any particular time. The information given here is provided in good faith as a guide.
  • We are here to help so if you have questions please do get in contact. We prefer email contact and remind customers that we are a small company split on multiple sites. As such if you struggle to get hold of us PLEASE send an email requesting a call back and we will be happy to return your call.