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This is our new air suspension conversion kit for the VW T3 (also called T2.5 and T25 by some). In Europe this is known as the Transporter and in the US as the Vanagon and fits all vehicles from 1979-1992 .

If you’re looking for both comfort and drop, this is the kit for you. Designed and made by us here in Norwich, it is a much heavier duty kit than TA Technix and is therefore suitable for heavy motorhomes.

We use the Boss 2600 series bags on the rear and 2500 series bags on the front.

There are a few holes to drill and there are a few little bits of the original metalwork that need to be cut away, however, the fitting is pretty straightforward.

Shock relocation is designed into the brackets, so no fabrication is required.

This kit has adjustable damping on the front. Rear dampers are not included, you would need to use your original ones.

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This is an AirRide full air suspension kit. Full air suspension means that the air is the entire suspension for your vehicle which means that you have the ability to totally control the ride height, and the handling and to lower the vehicle whenever needed – either for stance or for loading.

It features:-

  • Bolt on front conversion bracket to relocate front shock and replace coil spring with air spring.
  • Simple to fit airbag and bracket at the rear.
  • Heavy duty version suitable for heavy motorhomes.
  • Proper automotive grade air springs (airbags) not factory grade or counterfeit as seen on many kits.
  • Properly designed CNC  parts – in the same place as the original spring (some metal cut away to allow larger bag to fit).
  • Because we believe in the products we sell, AirRide offers a 2 year extended warranty on this product. (terms apply)

and overall:-

  • Excellent and practical bolt-on installation which is rated as experienced DIY or Local Garage Fit.
  • Improves stability and reduces roll and improve handling.
  • Recovers lost suspension motion to improve ride quality.
  • Lifts sagging vehicles to reduce or prevent grounding.
  • Superb for towing.
  • Can help pass an MOT if your vehicle is low.
  • Can help re-rating for heavier capacity on some vehicles.
  • Properly secured brackets that won’t slip around your axle, fracture or come adrift.
  • Proper automotive grade air springs (airbags) not factory grade or counterfeit as seen on many kits. Bags have at least 6 inches of lift potential.
  • Properly designed brackets mounted at points able to take the load – in the same place as the original spring with no metal cut away.
  • Because we believe in the products we sell, AirRide offers a 2 year extended warranty on this product. (terms apply)

Basic kit comes without management (just bags and brackets), but various options can be selected from the from down lists. Twin tanks and twin compressors are also available as additional options. Please ask if you are not sure of your requirements.

NOTE:- This kit does not come with rear dampers.

Management Options

AirRide kits can be supplied with or without air control (otherwise known as air management or On-Board Air (OBA)).

Air control allows you to get the very best from your kit at all times. It allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, and for those who experience grounding issues it allows the absolute maximum lift to be achieved when needed (i.e. for ferries, petrol stations and rough site entrances). If in doubt, please contact us via email or phone.

No compressor, no tank

You can have an AirRide Custom kit with no air control system but this is not recommended. With this option you will receive the air bags, brackets and struts required for a basic air suspension system, but no compressor or tank, as without some form of control system the compressor and tank would not be able to function correctly.

Manual Paddle Control (MPC)

MPC comes with an aluminium, 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It is controlled with four buttons, one for each air bag. The buttons act like electric window switches, meaning you can either raise or lower the amount of pressure in each air bag by pressing up and down on each switch.

Digital computer system

The computer system comes with an aluminium 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It electronically controls the amount of pressure in each air bag. This can be controlled either with a wired controller or a phone app.  With the computer, you can adjust your car to certain pre-set heights and alter the vehicle’s height while on the move. This is also the easiest system to install; it is the most highly-recommended option.

Other options

If you would prefer an air control system other to those listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are happy to discuss your personal requirements and make sure you get the air control system that is right for you.


AirRide Direct Limited offers a warranty on AirRide products for a period of two years from time of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and subject to registration at the time of fitting. If you fail to register then a one-year warranty is offered.

If the kit does not appear to fit – STOP and call us, as a vehicle misidentification may have occurred. Kits will be accepted for return and exchange only if they are undamaged. The buyer must cover the return postage.

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