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  • Direct Replacement AirStrut with 7 inch 160 psi rated air spring/air bag
  • Substantial drop
  • Great ride


Rear End leaf spring conversion kit with huge capacity and the best ride that can be achieved for the Ford Transit Custom. Includes:

  • Brackets to convert the rear leaf springs into trailing arms.
  • Rear Rod for accurate beam axle location.
  • Very heavy duty airbags 100 psi standard and option for larger 200 psi bags or dual bags
  • Upper support bracket framework with cross brace.
  • All powder coated for durability.
  • Super solid with correct load dissipation.
  • Substantial Drop
  • Revised in 2023 to fit heavy duty versions, motorhomes and late post 2019 Customs.
  • Great ride

Please note that the powder coating on these items is for durability only. It is not a show finish (we can provide this at extra cost). Additional rustproofing is recommended after install as it is with all suspension brackets. For further information please do get in contact.


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Front Axle Conversion

This includes a direct replacement front air strut unit. Standard strut is non adjustable.

Rear Axle Conversion

This is a hefty kit that offers full air suspension for the Ford Transit Custom and similar Ford Transit vehicles, including motorhome conversions. This ingenious kit replaces the rear section of the leaf spring with very heavy duty brackets which allow bags to do the entire suspension – i.e. it is not a replacement kit but a conversion kit. It has a great ride, fabulous lift capacity and ability to drop for stance or loading. Sometimes called “Limo” kits, WAV, or ambulance specification this is the style of kit used for delicate load solutions – such as ambulances, wheelchair user vehicles, museum transit vehicles, or aviation transport (where air suspension is often mandated).

Basic kit includes brackets to convert your leaf springs, upper framework, large bags with max capacities depending upon bags choice between 3 and 4 tons for the rear axle – well in excess of the rated capacity of the rear axle.  This kit is rated on our spanner scale as 6 spanners and therefore advanced fit (due mainly to its hefty nature and the number of parts) but still a simple bolt on conversion – just two minor cuts to the original leaf springs required and everything bolts on. No substantial fabrication is required (fabrication means you don’t have to make any suspension parts). This kit has recently been revised to be an even easier install and now has an additional transverse stabilising brace too. The leaf spring is reused and converted into a trailing arm. Several bag options available depending upon use and weight.

The spare wheel does have to be removed (if present) as one brace sits in the same location, and its normally where we install the compressor and tank.

Note:- This kit is more involved to install than coil spring conversions you might find on the VW Transporter, Mercedes Vito or Vauxhall/Renault/Nissan Master/Vivaro. Basic instructions are included but it designed to be fitted by people with a good level of mechanical or engineering experience  – this is not a beginners kit, although it is a bolt-on conversion.


Car kits can be supplied with or without air management, although going without isn’t advisable if you have air on all four corners of your vehicle.

Air management allows you to get the very best from your kit at all times. It allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, while also giving you a street-skimming stance when the time is right.

We have four main management options for cars at AirRide. Read on to find out more:

No compressor, no tank

You can have a car kit with no air management system, but this is not recommended. With this option you will receive the air bags, brackets and struts required for a basic air suspension system, but no compressor or tank, as without some form of control system the compressor and tank would not be able to function correctly.

Manual Paddle Control (MPC)

MPC is controlled by four buttons, one for each air bag. These buttons act like electric-window switches, meaning you can either raise or lower the amount of pressure in each air bag by pressing up and down on each switch. The switches will normally fit somewhere on your dashboard.

MPC comes with an aluminium, 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank, so you can adjust your ride height whenever you wish (as long as it’s safe). It also comes with twin gauges and a tank gauge.

Solenoid control kit

Solenoid kits are controlled in the same way as an MPC kit, with four electric window-style buttons. However, solenoids act much faster than manual controls.

You can get either standard or advanced solenoids from AirRide. Advanced solenoids run much faster than the standard ones and can be installed a lot easier, as the come in blocks of two, rather than one.

Our solenoid kit comes with a 100% duty cycle compressor and tank for instant adjustment, as well as twin gauges and a tank gauge.

Digital computer system

The Air Lift 3P computer system electronically controls the amount of pressure in each air bag. This can be controlled either with a wired controller or a phone app. You can also set up to five pre-set heights, meaning you can slam or raise your car with just a single touch. The computer will also automatically alter your height to allow for road conditions. This is also the easiest system to install, meaning you’ll save money on installation, as compared to the MPC kit or solenoid kits.

The computer system also comes with an aluminium 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank, allowing for constant adjustment.

Other options

If you would prefer an air management system other to those listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are happy to discuss your personal requirements and make sure you get the management system that is right for you.


AirRide Direct Limited offers a warranty on AirRide products for a period of two years from time of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and subject to registration at the time of fitting. If you fail to register then a one-year warranty is offered.

If the kit does not appear to fit – STOP and call us, as a vehicle misidentification may have occurred. Kits will be accepted for return and exchange only if they are undamaged. The buyer must cover the return postage.


Delivery for full air suspension kits is £39.95 to mainland UK excluding Highlands. Please get in touch to find out an exact date for dispatch.

We ship worldwide but our website cannot calculate international shipping costs. International customers can email their requirements to enquiries@airride.uk and we can raise an invoice including international postage.

Please do call if you need more information, or to check on stock as it can change quickly. Please do not assume that something is still in stock if you last checked on a different day to ordering.