Boss Air Suspension


Boss are an Australian manufacturer and supplier of air suspension. There can be few environments quite as harsh as the Australian Outback, which is why many car manufacturers take their vehicles there to test them and try and break them to find the weaknesses. With over 18,000 kits supplied, using bags that are tested up to 750 or 1,000 PSI, there can be little doubt that these products are well up to the job. For such a tough environment you need a tough kit with equally tough bags – Boss is the Boss.

These kits are particularly well suited to Motorhome users where the vehicle is always heavily laden and industry such as tree surgeons, plumbers, and builders where van can be very heavy. For further details please check out the videos of other information.

AirRide are able to offer the entire Boss Air Suspension range as official sole UK distributor. Tough kits for vans or pick-ups (or as the Aussies call them, ‘Utes’!)