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Universal Struts are designed to be welded and are ideal when there is no direct kit for your vehicle and an AirRide Bespoke strut from the AirRide Custom Range is out of the budget.

✔️ These are available in a range of 5 lengths, and with a selection of 6 bags.
✔️ You can fabricate you own fixtures and anti-roll-bar link fittings and brake hose/sensor fittings (or take them from an old strut) or we can make them for you.
✔️ Designed to be welded to (with care and following instructions).
✔️ Price is for a pair of heavy duty steel struts with bags and end plates and bolts.
✔️ Air fittings, fittings to vehicle and airline are not included although can be added from the shop.

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This is the smallest Boss Universal Bag over Struts in the range, which is using the smallest bag. These struts use bags rated for a maximum pressure of 160 psi, which means they are powerful for their size. They are also available in a range of lengths and with two diameters of bag, which means they are pretty versatile. They are solid feeling units considerably heavier than a conventional shock (as they need to be for air operations). A damping adjuster is also visible in the video and adjustments are simply achieved by turning the dial. The top bag plate has two seals for sealing against the central 22mm shaft (many struts available elsewhere are only 12mm or 17/18 mm and prone to breaking).

Please call us to discuss your specific requirements. Dimensions, lengths and end fittings are all that are required to choose the closest available. With 5 different cores and 6 different bags there is a potential for 30 different items before then end fittings are considered. The body is specifically designed for welding clevis and anti roll bar (sway bar) mounts to.

These are universal products. This means they are not a direct fit onto any vehicle. The installer welds to the body of the unit (which is specially designed to allow this). By adding these fittings the strut can then be made to fit your particular vehicle. These are ideal where no existing product is available for your vehicle. If a product is available then it is almost always better to purchase that.

As with all struts these need an absolute minimum clearance around the strut of 1 inch in each direction. Less is asking for contact and bag failure (which is not warrantied under these conditions).

Available lengths are: 120 mm, 225 mm, 275mm, 340 mm and 380 mm. These measurements are from the base of the strut to the lower spring perch. All units then have 2 inches above the spring perch to the end of the pressure tube. Centre shaft/piston then extends to very approximately the length listed above. Therefore total length = stated length x 2 + around 1-2 inches. Range usually limited by bag range not strut range.



We offer 5 body sizes, with a combination of 6 different bags.

Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-1

Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-2 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-3 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-4 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-5 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-6 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-7 Boss Air Suspension Universal Strut Air-Strut-Measuring-8

Struts are available with 2400 and 2500 single convoluted bags (modification required, not recommended), and 2400 or 2500 double convoluted bags (normal) or 2400 and 2500 triple convoluted bags (less normal). Please email your requirements.