Bead Seal

A bead seal bag is a particular type of bag which is very versatile and has a number of different uses, because its deign means it can be mounted in different ways. Some bags are crimped during manufacture to an endcap so that the air is retained in the bladder/bellows. Bead seal bags are different and seal of a bead on the end face of the bag. This must be clamped to an end plate using a crimp ring to sandwich the end of the rubber and form a seal.

Bead seal bags are commonly used on load support applications where it is helpful to clamp them to metal plates which then bolt to the metal brackets. They are also commonly used on the front struts of vehicles where they can then be placed over the damper.

Probably the easiest way to identify a bead seal bag is that its one of two types of bags commonly used in our industry where you can see all the way through the bag. Care should be taken when ordering this type of bag to ensure its actually the correct bag for your needs, because it can be more difficult to install and often needs additional parts to be used with it. They are sometimes used as direct replacements but if you are trying to build your own strut you may find you need a lathe, welding or machining centre to do so. If in doubt please ask us.