Dunlop 5 inch Triple Convoluted AirBag


This is a triple convoluted 5 inch airbag complete with end plates. It has a 1/8 female threaded hole for a fitting in the top. We can supply fittings for this at extra cost. This bag is very versatile and can be mounted as is, or the end plates can be unbolted and welded/drilled as required for custom installations.

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The bag is used on some Dunlop Kits and listed as 130/3, meaning it is a triple convoluted bag (three donuts), 130 mm in diameter (around 5 inches). The bag is 85 mm fully compressed, 265 mm maximum length inflated and designed to ride in the region of 165 mm. Maximum pressure rating 105 psi, and 500 Kg rating at 105 psi.

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