Flexi Hoses

Flexi hoses on blue background

Every now and then customers ask us why there are no flexi hoses with our struts. We don’t use them in our AirRide Custom kits. TA Technix and AirRide Gold kits don’t come with them either. AirLift Performance is the only one of our suppliers that continues to use flexi hoses.

Previously we did use braided lines on AirRide Custom products for about 15 years but that changed a few years ago when there were two incidents of professionally fitted garage installations where the braided lines were not fitted to the standard we would expect, and because the braiding is very tough, they touched and wore through the brake lines. Fortunately, there were no accidents just brake fluid leaks, but it caused us to reassess, and we started using nylon lines instead. Although there is a massive visual difference between a braided metal hose and a ¼ inch nylon airline, correctly fitted nylon push to connect lines work very reliably indeed!

Still having doubts? Statistically, we have not had any reports of nylon line failure, and the only reports we do get are mile 1 errors – where they were not routed properly and pulled out before the vehicle left the garage. So particular attention should be paid to the routing of the line where it transitions from strut to chassis. If you are using 3/8 or 1/2 line then the transition will be very difficult/impossible which is why we tend to use 1/4 on almost all installs. This is because larger lines need a larger radius - i.e. they don't go around sharp corners well.

When fitted correctly, the lines should follow the same sort of route as the brake lines and sensor lines (a large 180) and should be well secured and well checked during installation. They should be carefully checked again after 50 miles and then again after 500 miles. Regardless of if you have a braided line or nylon line regular inspection of the strut lines should be a part of regular upkeep on your air suspension system.

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