Mice not Nice (for your suspension)

Mice and air suspension

We get all sorts of enquiries. Our favourite so far has been a customer who asked us how to protect air suspension from mice. If you've ever dealt with rodents then you know they love to chew. Airline is an easy target altough rats can bite through (soft) metal as well!

We've never had a rodent problem with our vehicles but we have had several reports over the years of rodent issues with airline and with wiring, and one customer believed his airbags had been nibbled. So we put together a short guide:

No food

Like any living creature, rodents need to feed. If you have a habit of eating in your car, make sure you dispose of any food wrappers as soon as you're done. Don't leave any leftovers lying around. Vacuum your car or get it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis to avoid crumbs on seats and carpets. If you have a camper or a motorhome, clean the kitchen area after every meal, sweep and/or vacuum the floor on a regular basis. Remove all food items once you're back home and clean your camper/motorhome thoroughly before storing it for winter.  By food we also mean pet food and livestock feed.

Keep it clean

Don't use your vehicle to store random junk, empty product packaging, etc. Check the boot and engine bay if you're not using the vehicle on a regular basis. Don't let rodents get cosy and make a nest. If you're parked in a leafy area, remove the foliage from around your car. Rodents love leaves and use them to build their nests.

Let there be light!

They don't like it. Rodents prefer dark places. This might be a problem if you're vehicle is stored away for winter in a garage so you might need to consider lighting solutions for the garage or inside the vehicle.

Paw patrol

Have a cat? Excellent. Dogs, too, are a natural enemy of rodents. So, if you have pets let them wander round your vehicle if possible. If you're transporting your dog in the vehicle or your cat is curious and likes to jump in every now and then, it will act as a further deterrent to rodents. Our Office Admin once had a cat that loved napping on a warm car bonnet.

Peppermint oil

Natural rodent deterrent. We've heard strories about people spraying hot sauce on their car floor but, personally, we think peppermint oil is a far better option. One of our customers wanted to use it directly on the airline and airbags - this is not something we would do ourselves. The nylon airline will be fine but it is difficult to predict how the peppermint oil would affect rubber airbags.

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