New! Sprinter/Crafter struts

Our range of van struts just got bigger! The new Sprinters and Crafters, following the end of the Mercedes and VW partnership in 2017, now have struts on the front. It looks like the Crafters got equipped with front struts instead of the original transverse leaf spring some time before Sprinters made the same step but we don't have exact changeover years yet. Therefore, if you have a 2018+ Sprinter or Crafter, just look underneath to see what suspension it has on the front. If in doubt turn the wheel and send a picture. We are always happy to advise.

The rear suspension is still essentially the same but likely to change in near future. We have several options available depending on your requirements and vehicle specs, from load support to lowering kits.

The new air struts use Boss bags, the toughest and highest capacity bag of its type on the market. They are our personal favourite, and are built on original cores. Suitable for a variety of applications, from commercial vehicles to campers and motorhomes.

Various air management options are available to match the chosen air suspension setup: rear only, front only or front and rear.

We get asked about the Sprinter/Crafter front kit for vans with the transverse leaf spring. We did develop a kit some years ago but it was designed for custom low rider vans with emphasis on the drop, not comfort. It is far too complex  (using a combination of hydraulics and air suspension) for campers and motorhomes and therefore we are unable to supply it. There won’t be another front kit aimed at campers and motorhomes either – any development work takes between 6-12 months of continuous work, trial and error, and costs tens of thousands of pounds. As a small, independent business we need to be really selective about the projects we undertake. As much as we love a challenge and bringing a new air suspension product to the market, if we don’t believe there’s enough demand (we may need to sell 100 kits just to break even on some projects) then it’s not financially viable for us to do it.

Our range of van struts is AVAILABLE HERE.

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Close up of van struts laid out on work bench