Kits for Pickups

We offer a wide range of pick-up kits on the website, they are all load support kits and are therefore installed in addition to the existing suspension - usually leaf spring (although some vehicles do have coil springs). As the name suggests, the kits are designed to support heavily loaded vehicles. Load support improves stability and handling, reduces roll, lifts sagging vehicles to reduce or prevent grounding and assists with towing. They are rear-only kits.

If you wish to add front struts, these are not readily available and would be made to order. Prices start from £1999 depending on customer requirements.

We also receive a few enquiries about lowering kits for pick-ups. That is not something we currently offer as bolt on kits because there isn't enough demand. We can supply universal parts, prices start from £1900. Universal parts do not fit any vehicle directly and will require cutting/welding/grinding on your end to install on the vehicle, and is highly labour intensive.

We supply quite a lot of kits for commercial use pickups, some with fifth wheels and some converted to demountable campers. The load support kits we offer do a wonderful job in these specialist areas, and if you need more information then please call us on 0800 772 0315 or send an email to  ENQUIRIES@AIRRIDE.UK

VW Amarok Air Conversion Kit