Chrysler PT Cruiser Kit

We are pleased to anouncce our new PT Cruiser air suspension kit. Using the latest technology in air bags this kit uses Quantum airbags on the front for a superb ride and superb handling.

New Chrysler PT Cruiser airride kit

Our test vehicle drove and handled far better than before the air. These new kits are such a step forward that air now offers suspension with almost as good handling as a “coil spring conversion”, combined with the comfort and ride of the original suspension, and the core ability that first attracts everyone to air, and thats the ability to lift the car at the touch of a button.

It really is the best of all worlds.

Please see the PT Cruiser page for full details.

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Great Range of Bags and kits for US cars

Although we are a UK supplier and installer of air suspension because we deal with a couple of the finest air suspension companies in the US, we are able to offer a nice range of kits and parts for the popular American muscle car, SUV, and pick-up truck’s from the 1950’s right up to current models.

Each kit is assembled on an individual basis, and you can be absolutely assured that we only use the very best components available, and that these are not horrific copies. They have been designed, and tested o Continue reading →

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Welcome All.

Welcome to the www.airride.co.uk new mini site.

Following the huge success of our air suspension systems we have at last found time to update the site. I hope to add information as I can and hopefully answer some of the many questions people ask of me.

Air suspension is very specialised, in a similar way that Lambo Doors are, and we are seeing the same pattern of people “giving it a go” – some with not such good results!!!

 My advice when choosing someone to install an air sustem for you is the same as with Lambos or a Bodykit – ask to see one they have done – if they cannot show you, walk away – it could save you thousands.

Secondly , just because a company is featured in a magazine does not mean that this should be taken as an endorsement of the company by the magazine as it most certainly is not. Car magazines are in the business of selling paper – they do not vett, validate or otherwise check out claims made by traders.

The actual fact of the matter is that legally the contents of an advert (or website) must be accurate, or the trader can get in trouble under various consumer protection acts. The same protection is not true of a magazine feature – so in some ways they are actually less reliable than an advert!!

Please purchase with care. These are expensive itmes, and failure can be both financially and physically costly.

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