I-car with airride suspension on TV

The I-Car is the Humberside Fire and Rescue Services project designed to educate drivers as to the horrors of road crashes by giving a small experience of one, is a miniature simulation of a road crash.

The project is the brain child of Steve Harrison of Humberside Fire and Rescue. We have been heavily involved in the air suspension aspect of the project, and have designed and developed many new parts for this extreme conversion, which has been featured on both BBC and ITV news.

I hope to bring pictures shortly but in the meantime the car can be viewed at the following links, although they may expire over time.





If you see the video on a computer, it does not look that special, but feel it in the car – the actual car from the video, and it takes on a whole new meaning, and with suspension movements in time with the video, smoke and blue lights, its an emotional experience!