ALKO Chassis now able to have air suspension

We have often been asked about the ALKO Chassis which forms the basis of so many Motor Homes, and is in such desperate need of air assistance from new in most cases. In the past the questions of identification, and the unusual torsion bar set-up have made things difficult, but we have a lot of experience on Citroen, Peugeot and Renault car conversions which also have torsion bars on the rear end.

We are now able to offer conversions for many of the ALKO Chassis, which can be fitted if required. Fitting time is around 3 times that of the conventional kits, but the difference made to the ride, handling, and general comfort on the vehicle makes it all worth while.

If you want to enjoy your Motorhome without worrying about getting on ferries, getting into camp site, or just suffering ona  long run then please call as an air assistance kit could be just what you need.