Classic Mini Air kit available shortly

After 12 months development, and testing (including lots of road miles) our new Classic Mini air suspension kit is almost ready to be launched.

If you are interested in these kits, or special introductory prices on installs then please email and we will keep you up to date with the latest developments and news.

Kit prices are yet to be finalised, but it is likley that they will be from around £1250 for a standard kit up to £2500 for the top of the league show kits which lurch and drop for the most impressive modification you can make for your Mini.

The kits are bolt-on with no fabrication required – basic mechanical skills and the ability to remove the cones. If you can remove the cones you can most likely fit the air suspension kit.

Remote Control Air Suspension kit for classic Mini

These kits serve two functions – they improve the ride quality beyond comprehension – gone is the bouncy harsh ride from the cones (or coil springs if you converted), and you have a modern comfy ride, but it still retains all the character and handling the Mini is so famous for.

But probably the coolest feature is the ability to lift or drop the car 5 inches at the touch of a button. The Standard kits take around 8 seconds to lift the car, whilst the Super kits take around 1 second!!

There will be limited stocks so if you want the accessory for 2009 – get in contact now!!! The shows are only just around the corner. 

To be kept fully informed please email or else join the main mailling list from the main site.

We will be posting photos of the kits shortly.