AL-KO Chassis Ducato, Relay, Jumper and Boxer Kit (2002-2006) by Dunlop/AirRide Tag Tandem Axle


NOTE:- This product is no longer available. Please contact us by email at or call us on 0800 772 0315 for assistance.

These kits fit the rear axle of the Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot vehicles equipped with AL-KO-torsion-bar rear suspension.  These kits fit only a twin rear axle and are intended for load support.

All AL-KO air suspension kits come with the option for a full management system, so you can vary suspension as required.  Unlike other suspension types, an onboard management system is essential to ensuring the best possible suspension on AL-KO-chassis vehicles.

Please note: After you purchase an AL-KO kit, we will need to contact you via telephone or email to confirm a few pieces of information before processing your order. This is due to the number of variations in AL-KO-chassis suspensions, and we need to ensure we identify the right kit for you.

We will require information on:

– The model
– Year
– Position of the axle in relation to the chassis (either inside the chassis or in a bracket hanging below)
– Length of protrusion of axle from chassis
– Clearance of chassis from ground (measured from the base of the chassis, not the bracket)

These kits fit the AL-KO-torsion-bar suspension by attaching between the chassis and the suspension arm. They are unique within the Dunlop range because they are the only ones that are not bump-stop replacement kits. They are slightly more advanced to fit but still well within the capacity of a competent local garage.

If you need additional information, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

This kit is for a Tandem axle, also known as a tag axle vehicle – i.e. one with 3 axles and 6 wheels. This therefore includes two rear axle kits – i.e. 4 rear airbags and associated brackets.

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NOTE:- This product is no longer available. Please contact us by email at or call us on 0800 772 0315 for assistance.

This is a Dunlop air suspension kit. Based on several decades specialising in air suspension systems, we believe this to be the best-quality air assistance kit on the market. This kit:

  • Is a practical bolt-on installation, rated as advanced DIY or local-garage fit
  • Improves stability and handling and reduces roll
  • Recovers lost suspension motion to improve ride quality
  • Lifts sagging vehicles to reduce or prevent grounding
  • Assists with towing
  • Can help re-rating for heavier capacity on some vehicles

It includes:

  • Electro-plated, high-quality, metal brackets, made from high-grade 5mm steel in most cases
  • Properly-secured brackets that won’t slip around your suspension arm, fracture or come adrift
  • Automotive-grade air bags. Bags have at least six inches of lift potential
  • Properly-designed brackets, mounted at points able to take the load
  • A five-year extended warranty (terms apply)
  • Full EU certification for legal use in EU and countries subject to equivalency

If you are unsure of the correct fitment, please email or call. The most popular kits are held in stock and those not in stock can usually be obtained in less than 2 weeks.


Bracket Construction:- 5mm Electroplated Steel
Bag Diameter:- 4 inch to 6 inch diameter
Bag Style:- Tapered Sleeve
Kit Weight:- 16 Kg
Vehicle Model Dates:- 1994-current
Axle/Beam Dimensions:- Varies
Vehicle Driven Wheels:- Rear
Minimum Pressure:- 20 psi
Maximum Pressure:- 105 psi



This is a generic video clip to show the nature of the kits. Actual kit contents may vary. Many of the kits are generally similar and therefore please check out some of the other videos for an idea of what the kits look like, and you may browse videos by clicking here. If you need further information please do email or call.


AirRide Direct Limited offer a warranty on Dunlop air conversion kits for a period of 5 years from time of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and subject to registration at the time of fitting. If you fail to register then a 1 year warranty is offered.

Dunlop kits are the very best fitting kits on the market. If the kit does not appear to fit – STOP and call us, as a vehicle misidentification may have occurred. Kits will be accepted for return and exchange only if they are undamaged. The buyer must cover the return postage.


We supply Dunlop air suspension conversion kits for vehicles with the AL-KO chassis. The kits fit vehicles from the 1990’s to current which are based upon the Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen vehicle. Unfortunately neither AL-KO nor your motorhome manufacturer nor AirRide can tell which of the various AL-KO kits you have from a chassis or registration number. Fortunately a few dimensions and a few pictures are all we need to identify. The kits are priced the same, and we only need to carry out identification when you place an order.

In Order to identify which kit you need, we need to know:

  1. Is your motorhome based upon a Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen?
  2. What is the year of the vehicle (X230, X244, X250 designation is helpful)?
  3. Is it a single rear axle or tag/twin/tandem rear axle?
  4. Does the rear “axle” tube sit in the centre of the chassis rails or is it on a bracket that descends lower?
  5. The “axle” protrudes on the outside of the chassis near the arm and the wheel. Typical dimensions are 9cm and 14cm. How far does it protrude?
  6. What height is your vehicle (when measured on level ground) from the floor to the underside of the chassis?

A few pictures showing the elements described above including shock absorber/damper, axle protrusion and axle position, will also be of great assistance. It is well worth taking the little time that it takes to correctly identify which of the 20 plus kits are required. Some vehicles also require spacers but it is not possible to correctly identify what (if any) will be required until after installation. We hold all spacers in stock.

These kits contain more parts than leaf spring conversion kits, but are very simple bolt on conversions. Most require a single hole in the chassis as they do not have one of the required mounting holes. This is the most difficult aspect of the entire conversion process. Our technical advisers are always available to discuss in advance of purchase or to support you thereafter.



AL-KO kits are only supplied with On Board Air (OBA) kits. This enables users to get the very best out of the kits at all times. It allows ride characteristics to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions and for those experiencing grounding conditions it allows the absolute maximum lift to be achieved when needed (Ferries, Petrol stations and rough site entrances). OBA packages come in various specifications as outlined below. If in doubt please contact us via email or phone.

Budget Duty OBA

Includes a 10% duty cycle compressor, maximum 105 PSI. Onboard Air Hookup Kit to match the compressor which comes with and on/off button to get to pressure. A cross locking mini valve. Please note that although the left and right are independent, they can not be set to different pressures. Does not include a tank. Used for infrequent adjustment. This is an entry level minimalistic control package.

Economy Duty OBA – (BEST BUY)

Includes a 25% duty cycle compressor, maximum 120 PSI, 2.0 gallon steel tank, Firestone 2188 controller, Onboard Air Hookup kit to match the compressor (remove the on off button as this uses a paddle controller). Please note: The left and right are independent and can be set to different pressures. Highly recommended best value for money. Slightly higher specification than the entry level kit.

Standard Duty OBA

Includes a 33% duty cycle compressor, maximum 150 PSI, 2.5 gallon tank, Firestone 2188 controller, Onboard Air Hookup kit to match the compressor (remove the on off button as this uses a paddle controller). Please note: The left and right are independent and can be set to different pressures. Used for regular adjustment.

Premium Duty OBA

Includes a 100% duty cycle compressor, maximum 200 PSI, 200 psi tank, Firestone 2188 controller. Used for daily adjustment. Top General spec.

Ultimate OBA

Includes a 100% duty cycle compressor, maximum 200 PSI, 200 psi tank. Used for daily adjustment. Top  spec, includes computer controller with presets and standard height adjustment for general running but can be overridden when conditions require.

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