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This is a rear-end load support kit for the VW Caddy. It is made by Boss Air, an Australian air suspension company renowned for making tough and durable air bags.

The kit is a simple, bolt-on conversion that your local garage should be able to fit.

It is a load-support kit, meaning it is fitted in addition to the vehicle’s original suspension to lift the rear and make for a more stable, comfier ride. The air bags can be adjusted to allow for more or less load, meaning your Caddy will always remain level.

It can be inflated simply through Schrader (tyre) valves, or through an air management system of your choice (see ‘Options’ tab below for more info).

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We also do installation at AirRide. To book your Caddy in for a fitting, please call or e-mail us.

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This is a rear-end-only load-support kit for the Volkswagen Caddy, made by Boss Air. The kit:

  • is a practical bolt-on installation which is rated as DIY or local garage fit
  • Improves stability and handling and reduces roll
  • Recovers lost suspension motion to improve ride quality
  • Lifts sagging vehicles to reduce or prevent grounding
  • Is superb for help with towing
  • Can prevent broken springs
  • Can help pass an MOT if your vehicle is low
  • Can help re-rating for heavier capacity on some vehicles

The kit comes with:

  • 2 x Boss Extreme Series double-convoluted air bags
  • 4 x brackets (2 upper & 2 lower)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Quality SAE J844 Australian-government-approved air line
  • Dual Schrader Valves mounted in stainless panel
  • Instructions for fitting

Boss Extreme series airbags are rated a t1136 kg per side and have been government approved tested to over 750 PSI.

About Boss Air

Boss Air isn’t any ordinary air suspension company. They design and manufacture air bags to withstand any conditions, including the red-hot terrain of the Australian Outback.

This means that Boss air bags are as tough and durable as possible. They are made from thicker rubber than a standard air bag, meaning that Boss have never supplied a burst bag in 14 years (in that time they’ve supplied more than 13,000 kits!)

But of course, Boss air bags aren’t just used Down Under. Their kits have been used all over Europe, including the sub-freezing temperatures of Scandinavia – quite a long way from the 50-degree heat of Australia’s red centre!


Caddy kits can be supplied with or without air management, although going without isn’t advisable if you have air on all four corners of your vehicle.

Air management allows you to get the very best from your kit at all times. It allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, while also giving you a street-skimming stance when the time is right.

We have four main management options for the Caddy at AirRide. Read on to find out more:

No compressor, no tank

You can have a Caddy kit with no air management system, but this is not recommended. With this option you will receive the air bags, brackets and struts required for a basic air suspension system, but no compressor or tank, as without some form of control system the compressor and tank would not be able to function correctly.

Manual Paddle Control (MPC)

MPC is controlled by four buttons, one for each air bag. These buttons act like electric-window switches, meaning you can either raise or lower the amount of pressure in each air bag by pressing up and down on each switch. The switches will normally fit somewhere on your dashboard.

MPC comes with an aluminium, 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank, so you can adjust your ride height whenever you wish (as long as it’s safe). It also comes with twin gauges and a tank gauge.

Solenoid control kit

Solenoid kits are controlled in the same way as an MPC kit, with four electric window-style buttons. However, solenoids act much faster than manual controls.

You can get either standard or fast solenoids from AirRide. Fast solenoids run much faster than the standard ones and can be installed a lot easier, as they come in blocks of two, rather than one.

Our solenoid kit comes with a 100% duty cycle compressor and tank for instant adjustment, as well as twin gauges and a tank gauge.

Digital computer system

The Air Lift 3P computer system electronically controls the amount of pressure in each air bag. This can be controlled either with a wired controller or a phone app. You can also set up to five pre-set heights, meaning you can slam or raise your Caddy with just a single touch. The computer will also automatically alter your height to allow for road conditions. This is also the easiest system to install, meaning you’ll save money on installation, as compared to the MPC kit or solenoid kits.

The computer system also comes with an aluminium 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank, allowing for constant adjustment.

Other options

If you would prefer an air management system other to those listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are happy to discuss your personal requirements and make sure you get the management system that is right for you.


AirRide Sales Limited offers a warranty on Boss Air products for a period of five years from the time of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and subject to registration at the time of fitting. If you fail to register, a one-year warranty is offered.

If the kit does not appear to fit – stop and call us, as a vehicle misidentification may have occurred. Kits will be accepted for return and exchange only if they are undamaged. The buyer must cover the return postage fee.


Delivery on Air Assistance kits is currently £19 for Mainland UK excluding Highlands. Please get in touch to find out an exact date for dispatch. We sell items outside the UK but website postage prices are for UK. Additional charges will be levied for non-UK and they will be invoiced separately. Alternatively international customers can email their requirements to enquiries@airride.uk and we can raise an invoice including international postage. Please do call if you need more information or to know the stock situation which changes from hour to hour. Please do not assume that because you phoned last week and found it was in stock that it is still in stock.