Air Lift Performance Universal Strut – Standard


Universal Struts are designed to be welded and are ideal when there is no direct kit for your vehicle and an AirRide Bespoke strut from the AirRide Custom Range is out of the budget.

These are available in a range of lengths, and we can fabricate anti-roll-bar link fittings for you if needed.

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These are universal products. This means they are not a direct fit onto any vehicle. The installer welds to the body of the unit (which is specially designed to allow this). By adding these fittings the strut can then be made to fit your particular vehicle. These are ideal where no existing product is available for your vehicle. If a product is available then it is almost always better to purchase that.

This product works well because the vast majority of modern cars have either McPherson or Chapman struts on the front and sometimes on the rear. Although these vary in a number of dimensions then are all of a very similar design. The main difference is the positioning and size of the “Furniture” – the fittings that bolt it onto the car or secure the brake pipes and brake sensors.

It should be noted that the largest bag is just under 6 inches, and therefore has an absolute maximum corner weight of 1100 Kg, and an operating window of 360 Kg to 720 Kg.  This means an ideal single axle weight of 720-900 Kg. The units will work with more weight but they will not ride well. They are expressly NOT suited for light goods vehicles such as Transits and Transporters which need bigger bags and biggest pistons. As a general guide maximum vehicle weight for good ride and handling around 1500 Kg, and absolute maximum of around 1700 Kg.

As with all struts these need an absolute minimum clearance around the strut of 1 inch – i.e. they should be fitted in an area of 8 inches clear diameter.

For further information please check the following guides, instructions, and comparison chart:

Product codes 75559, 75561, 75562. We are also able to supply any Air Lift products on the market.