Solenoid Control Kit | 4 wheel | 2 Axle


A solenoid control kit provides you with a simple yet effective way to control your air suspension. As with a manual paddle control (MPC) kit, the switches used are similar to electric window switches, but they are controlled electronically, so work much faster than an MPC kit. They allow you to alter the amount of pressure in each air bag to get the perfect ride height.

A solenoid control kit includes the following:

  • – 4 x electric switches
  • – 2 x twin gauges
  • – 1 x tank gauge
  • – Solenoids (standard or advanced)
  • – 1 x 200 PSI aluminium tank
  • – 1 x 100% duty cycle compressor

Solenoid control kits are only available for vehicles already equipped with full air suspension (i.e. air on all four corners of the vehicle).

If you do not yet have air suspension, please visit our vehicle finder on the home page to find a kit that will fit your vehicle.

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This kit offers a simple and effective solution to vehicles that currently have no air management.

It is operated using just four electric-window-style switches that can lift your vehicle fully up, fully down, or anywhere in between. This is similar to a manual paddle kit, but operates much faster.

With the kit you will also receive a 100% duty cycle compressor. Compressors generate air for your system, meaning you no longer need Schrader valves. Having a compressor at 100% duty cycle means it will be able to run continuously, ensuring you will always have a supply of air. The compressor supplies an air tank, which you also get with the kit, and the air tank then supplies your air bags.

The kit also includes two twin gauges, so you can see exactly how much air is in each air bag, and a tank gauge, so you can also see how much air is in your tank.

The key difference between standard and advanced solenoids is speed – advanced solenoids run faster than the standard ones. They can also be installed a lot easier, as advanced solenoids come in blocks of two.