Micro Solenoid


This is a very small low flow solenoid similar in capacity to those used internally within computer systems. They can be used to make full air suspension systems (8 required), or as cross-locking valves to legalise old style unsafe 2 circuit FB type systems. They are 12v DC and run off any car or van electrics. Can be used to control airflow into or out of airbags, to equalise left and right pressure, or as as external replacement for computers with defective solenoids.

Fitting packs vary considerably. Please email and we will quote for your specific needs. Fitting shown for illustration but not included with solenoid.

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  • Micro Solenoid is compact
  • 12v DC (car/van electrics)
  • Low flow
  • Replacement for defective computers
  • Can be combined to make full low duty air suspension system.
  • Can be used as a cross locking valve (to render illegal and unsafe single axle systems split circuit and therefore safe and legal).
  • Not a show use or heavy duty device