Dual Gauge Inflation Kit with Hose & Fittings


2 circuit inflation gauge kit includes:-

  • 10m, 1/4″ (6.35mm) airline
  • Gauges for twin circuits (2 x single needle OR 1 x twin needle)
  • Two Y fittings.
  • Two Schrader Valves

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Options available with this inflation pack. It is normally supplied with 10m of airline which is more than adequate for most motorhomes, vans and pickups and a variety of other suspension requirements. It can be supplied without airline, with a small section of airline and adapters to 5mm or 4mm line (for matching with older systems), or with 10m of line. For other options please let us know.

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This is the next step up from the basic Schrader valve inflation kit. This kit has includes two Schrader (tyre) valves and either a single twin needle gauge or two single needle gauges (please let us know if you have a specific requirement)  plus Y fittings for twin outlets (one to each circuit). Unreliable taps are not required and each circuit is always fully separate. Very simple solution for inflating and monitoring two circuit (single axle) air suspension systems. Includes 10 metres of 6.35 mm (1/4 inch OD) to reach on most vehicles but if you need more let us know at the time of ordering or buy more here.

If you need adapters to use this with older systems which may have 5mm or 4mm line then please let us know, or search the shop.