Digital Computer Control Kit (3H – Height and Pressure) | 4 wheel | 2 Axle


A digital computer kit provides you with the best and most effective way to control your air suspension. With this kit, you will receive a digital display and a controller to manage your air at the touch of a button (although you can also do this using a phone app).

You can also alter the height of your car at ease and on the move, and while inside and out of the car. As well as this, you can programme pre-sets for your favourite ride heights that you can set the vehicle to with a single touch.

A digital computer control kit includes the following:

  • – An AirLift 3P/3H computer (1/4 line)
  • – Wired handset
  • – 4 corner height sensors
  • – An air control phone app
  • – A 200 PSI aluminium tank
  • – A 100% duty cycle compressor made by Viair


Digital computer control kits do not include suspension packs which are ordered separately.

If you do not yet have air suspension, please visit our vehicle finder on the home page to find a kit that will fit your vehicle.

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This kit offers the best and most effective solution to vehicles that currently have no air management.

It is operated using either a controller or a free phone app (available on both Apple and Android devices) and comes with a monitor that will provide you with readings from all four air bags and your air tank.

With this kit, you can also programme up to three pre-set ride heights, meaning you can always set the perfect ride height for your current conditions with a single touch of a button. You're not limited to these pre-sets though - you can ride at any height you desire, using the controller or the phone app to adjust your position as much or as little as you like.

You can also control your air from inside or outside the vehicle, meaning you can change your stance while driving, but also have your vehicle ready to drive or even dropped to the ground as you walk to or away from it.

With this kit, you will also receive a 100% duty cycle compressor. Compressors generate air for your system, meaning you no longer need Schrader valves. Having a compressor at 100% duty cycle means it will be able to run continuously, ensuring you will always have a supply of air. The compressor supplies an air tank, which you also get with the kit, and the tank then supplies your air bags.

On top of all this, it is also the easiest management option to install, despite being the best!


AirLift 3P by airRide