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• Upper Strut Mount – Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium featuring a spherical bearing for articulation and rubber for isolation.

• Sealed Rotary Bearing – Keeping the moisture and dirt out with a Sealed Rotary Thrust bearing

• Sleeve Bag Caps – Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium, Hard anodized, for ultimate durability.

• Single Convoluted Bag – Extended travel, Single convoluted/bellow bag to squeeze into the compact suspension to maintain tire clearances and achieve maximum drop but still offer good lift.

• Dampers – Tuned threaded body, length adjustable dampers for the ultimate in ride comfort, drop and cornering performance.

This is an Universal Air kit for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y (2018 onwards). The price quoted is for RWD. AWD version is also available for £150 extra.

Please CALL US on 0800 772 0315 or E-MAIL US at enquiries@airride.uk if you have questions.

This kit features:

✔️ A full-conversion kit Universal Air. This kit is bolt-on and therefore very easy to install

✔️ Almost six inches of drop

✔️ Top-of-the-range air bags, plates, struts and air hoses

✔️ Optional – an air management system of your choice, allowing you to adjust your ride height at the touch of a button

✔️ A two-year warranty from AirRide

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This kit is a vehicle specific air suspension solution including complete air spring and strut package that increases comfort, boosts performance, and fits perfectly. This is a bolt on conversion for your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It is engineered by specialists with a minimum of 15 years of air suspension experience in the Custom Car Industry. Engineering air suspension properly is far more than simply cobbling together some air springs on some dampers and calling it a kit.


Direct fit bolt on kits such as this one for the Tesla Electric Cars address the fitment, installation and ride challenges present when using universal parts, because they are engineered and revised as needed to ensure ride quality, handling and lift/drop is as good as it can be. The common issue of a system being too fat or too tall for an application has been solved, and then further developed to give you the high performance, comfortable ride you’ve been looking for.


  • ELEVATE PERFORMANCE AND DRIVEABILITY – OEM style dampers. This kit uses propriety/OE style damper because it’s stiff enough to maintain high performance levels and relaxed enough to provide an enjoyable drive with nice ride quality. Why not after market dampers? Simply because they don’t ride as well. No shock/strut/damper manufacturer puts as much R&D into a damper as the OE supplier and because of this we are a great believer in the double tube shock unless you are racing your vehicle. They always perform better for “everyday” road applications.


  • IDEAL RIDE HEIGHT AND MANEUVERABILITY – The extended travel sleeve bags on the front and single convoluted bags on the rear allow for great drop and lift. Thin upper strut mount, and sealed bearings. Allows for vehicle to be laid all the way down while maintaining tire clearances and the ability for high suspension travel.


  • COMPLETE BOLT IN INSTALLATION – The length adjustable complete assemblies offer an easy install and ultimate tuneability with basic hand tools – i.e. you can tailor the heights to your own particular needs, plus then have the lift from the air.


  • BUILT TO LAST – Highest quality, brand name components for the most rugged package. Engineered, machined, hand-built and each item fully tested. Development of this product included machine testing to failure, and road tested though the biggest pot holes, speed bumps, and driveways you can throw at it. This combination of theoretical and real world R&D leads to the very highest levels of reliability.


Kits can be supplied with or without air management (otherwise known as On-Board Air (OBA)).

Air management allows you to get the very best from your kit at all times. It allows the ride height to be adjusted for road, weather and load conditions, and for those who experience grounding issues it allows the absolute maximum lift to be achieved when needed (i.e. for ferries, petrol stations and rough site entrances). If in doubt, please contact us via email or phone.

No compressor, no tank

You can have an Air Lift Performance kit with no air management system but this is not recommended. With this option you will receive the air bags, brackets and struts required for a basic air suspension system, but no compressor or tank, as without some form of control system the compressor and tank would not be able to function correctly.

Manual Paddle Control (MPC)

MPC comes with an aluminium, 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It is controlled with four buttons, one for each air bag. The buttons act like electric window switches, meaning you can either raise or lower the amount of pressure in each air bag by pressing up and down on each switch.

Digital computer system

The computer system comes with an aluminium 100% duty cycle compressor with up to 200 PSI and an air tank. It electronically controls the amount of pressure in each air bag. This can be controlled either with a wired controller or a phone app.  With the computer, you can adjust your car to certain pre-set heights and alter the vehicle’s height while on the move. This is also the easiest system to install; it is the most highly-recommended option.

Other options

If you would prefer an air control system other to those listed, please feel free to call or e-mail us. We are happy to discuss your personal requirements and make sure you get the air control system that is right for you.


If we don’t provide a kit for your specific car, we can still provide air suspension for most vehicles. Please feel free to call us on 0800 772 0315 or email us to discuss options for your Focus or other vehicle.

This kit is one of our bolt-on kits. This means that your local garage should be able to fit the kit without much difficulty. Alternatively, give us a call (0800 772 0315) and we can arrange the installation on your behalf. We are also happy to talk you or your garage through the installation process.


This product has a 2 year waranty.


Delivery for full air suspension kits is £39.95 to mainland UK excluding Highlands. Please get in touch to find out an exact date for dispatch.

We ship worldwide but our website cannot calculate international shipping costs. International customers can email their requirements to enquiries@airride.uk and we can raise an invoice including international postage.

Please do call if you need more information, or to check on stock as it can change quickly. Please do not assume that something is still in stock if you last checked on a different day to ordering.