Speed of Kits.

We often get asked about the speed of operation of the full kits we supply for cars and small vans. The speed does depend upon the weight of the vehicle and also the pressure of the compressor and tank. The following is a rough indication.

We have 3 speeds of operation – FAST (1-2 seconds) MEDIUM (3-5 seconds) and SLOW (15 seconds or so). All times rough and all times are full four corner full lift (from fully down to fully up), although this is not something you often do in practice very often.

Fast and Medium kits use solenoids (1/2 inch with 1/2 inch hose for fast and 3/8 with 3/8 hose for medium). All our kits comes with a 200psi compressor and 200 psi aluminium tank as standard. This gives 33% extra energy over traditional and rust prone steel tanks offered elsewhere which are usually only rated at 150psi. Medium and Fast kits are not rated as safe to adjust whilst driving – you should stop to adjust. Slow kits do not use solenoids but are rated as safe to adjust whilst driving. It is acceptable and possible to fit tandem controllers (fast for shows/cruises/playtime and slow for everyday driving).

We can supply kits for any vehicle. If you do not see you car listed then please email and ask.

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