Dual Needle Gauge with Twin Paddle Controls 200 PSI


  • Simple Control Panel for single axle
  • Controls and monitors left and right
  • Up to 200 psi
  • Simple Paddle controls and dual needle gauge
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Firestone pictured for illustration but other brands also supplied and available
  • Very intuitive manual control of your air suspension system
  • Ideal Bypass/Repair controller


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These single axle control panels are simple to install and work on bikes, trailers, cars, and vans/motorhomes. They must not ever be used to control two axles as this is unsafe practice.

These controllers come in two variations – either purely pneumatic-mechanical where the paddle controls the air flow, and has two airlines connected to the back (one from the air source such as tank or compressor and the other to the bag). This version will not switch on a compressor and is used with a tank.

A second version is a pneumatic-mechanical-electrical switch which is used in situations where space is a premium and customers don't want to install a tank. This second version will control the compressor as well as the airflow although lift/drops times are far longer. Saves on the cost of a tank, and the space of a tank.

These pneumatic variant of this controller is ideal for those who already have a compressor and bags (and tank) on their vehicle and need to gain control – such as faulty OEM systems. The saying goes “coil it and spoil it” because converting from air suspension to coil suspension is a step back in time, but can be cost effective for those with older vehicles not wanting large OEM franchise repair bills. For those customers this controller ideal as its a bypass controller bypassing fault electronic controls on your vehicle.


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