New Transporter T5 kit

AirRide has for the past 6 years had air suspension kits available for the Volkswagen T5 Transporter. This popular van does however require a number of different air suspension solutions. some clients want lowrider custom vans (we have kits for that). Others want load support for commercial vans carrying cargo (we have kits for that), some want wheel chair access vehicles requiring low vehicles with a soft ride (we have kits for that), and others still require heavy duty support and stability control for heavy duty high motorhomes ( we have kits for that too). The latest twin bag rear end kit (4 total) is perfect for large T5 based motorhomes.

We don’d make just one kit for the T5 – there are so many differing requirements that a single kit would not satisfy everyone’s requirements. We actually have 4 different rear end solutions and two front end solutions, for a possible combination of 8 different bag/bracket kits. There are also a huge range of controller options, tank options and compressor options. Clients really are able to have exactly the kit they want and need for their T5. We also offer T4 kits in many options.

We supply our kits worldwide and in any combination you need to meet your requirements. Please call or email for more info.



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