Ease of Fitment

We supply kits for all manner of vehicles from Motor homes, to cars, vans and motorcycles. We supply parts and kits all over the world and people often ask us how difficult it is to fit? There are different kits for different application and the work involved to fit them varies dramatically.

Motor Home and van kits tend to be load support “assistance” kits. Usually no suspension is removed and the kit works in addition to the existing suspension. These kits are usually less than half a day and pretty straight forward to fit. The brackets tend to bolt in place of the bump stop, everything is usually spanners and sockets and usually no holes to drill (T5 is different). This is very simple and well within the ability of the average diy mechanic (provided you are safe about working under the vehicle).

Car kits intended to run as low rider type vehicles are a little more complex. Here the suspension replaces the front front and rear for a low stance. If you are able to remove, rebuild and refit a front strut safely and the same with the rear springs and dampers (shocks) then you can probably deal with the mechanical side of things. If you can fit and wire an amp you can probably deal with the electrical wiring and plumbing for the install. It takes a little time but in general none of the tasks are terribly difficult so long as you don’t rush.

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