Last Dunlop Kits

Although we stopped stocking DSC Nederland B.V. (Dunlop Netherlands) kits some time ago we still warranty those we have sold and/or installed and we continue to hold spares. Every now and then we receive enquiries about Dunlop kits. These are some of the ones we have left currently.

Mitsubishi L200 4WD (2006-)

X62 RWD Master, Movano & NV400 (2010-)

Ford Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect (2002-2013)

Ford Ranger (1994-2011), Mazda B2300, B2500, BT50

Iveco Daily S (2014 – Current)

We also stock replacement Dunlop bags made by Dunlop Systems and Components in Coventry (Dunlop Coventry), compatible bellows from other sources, and some Dunlop Coventry products. Dunlop Netherlands kits are great on low weight vans which occasionally go to maximum weight but they are not so good on vehicles that spend all of their time at the full rated weight of the vehicle - which is every motorhome and most plumbers vans! Therefore we switched a few years ago to Boss kits as they are expressly designed for very heavy vehicles: vans, campervans and motorhomes. Boss kits use the heaviest duty brackets, and heaviest duty bags for any range of load support kits on the market. Firestone, VB Air Suspension, and Dunlop rate their bags and kits  in use up to about 100-105 psi usually. Heavy motorhomes can need all that pressure and often more. Boss bags are rated up to 160 psi, and are tested to not burst up to 750 or 1000 psi!! Neither us nor Boss have ever seen a properly fitted bag fail, burst or leak. Using a kit which is at around 50% of its capacity in use, results in a product that will last far longer than one used at 100% of its capacity. Kits requiring less than 50-60 psi in use will offer almost no useable support in most applications.

Check out the entire range of Boss load support kits HERE.

OutDoor Cathedral Dunlop AirRide Kit