Coil Overs – a false economy?

Many clients want their vehicles low and look at the options. Lowering springs used to be common but with stricter MOT’s failing these springs, and more discerning clients expecting better performance the market has changed towards coil overs. A coil over set up allows a vehicle to go low, and have a sportier stance, but uprated springs, and dampers come at a price. Firstly anything from £500-£1000, and secondly ride quality is almost always compromised.  Plus it take 30 minutes to adjust the ride hieght which is not very practical if you find a speed bump in your way!! lol

So how does this compare to air suspension? A coil over setup is not usually better in any aspect. Air can beat a coil over for comfort, it can beat it for drop and it can match it for handling. The only aspect coils overs beat air is on price and for the reduced price you have to put up with a poor ride quality.  About 1/3 of all our customers tried saving cash by going coil overs but could not put up with the poor ride quality, and switched to air. It is of course a false economy to pay out twice. Buy once and buy right. Buy Air.

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