TA Technix

Fiat Ducato, Citroen and Peugeot

If you want something done right, get the Germans to do it…

TA Technix are a car tuning specialist based in Wustermark, a small town near Berlin. They have almost a decade of experience in the industry.

The Germany-based company manufacture a wide range of air suspension kits specifically for cars – among others, they make kits for Audis, Golfs, BMWs and Fords. They also make their own air bags and brackets, as well as a whole host of other air suspension accessories.

They also make load-support kits for heavier vehicles such as motorhomes and pick-ups.

All of TA Technix’s products are made with technical competence in mind – their aim is to offer all their customers vastly-improved handling and the best suspension performance possible.

The high quality of their products is due to the company’s enthusiastic owners, who themselves were active in motorsport and have been tuning their own cars for years.

Load Support

The TA Technix air suspension range supplied within the UK by AirRide includes a selection of rear-end load-support kits for vans and pick-up trucks.

These kits are fitted in addition to the vehicle’s existing leaf spring (or sometimes coil spring) to add support for heavy weights and raise the rear; this stabilises the vehicle in any road or weather conditions.

The advantage of air suspension is a superior ride over up-rated metal springs, but also the ability to quickly adjust the support offered – either using a schrader valve or a compressor-based system.

Air Management

If you decide to choose a TA Technix kit to slam your car, air management is a virtual must. Air management is what allows you to lower and raise your car at the touch of a button.

The most popular air management kit we sell at AirRide is the digital computer kit. This has five programmable pre-sets, meaning you can flick to a certain height with a single touch (e.g. slammed, low, medium, raised and speed-bumps-raised), use your phone or tablet to control your air – from either inside or outside the vehicle. The computer also has the ability to automatically change your height depending on road conditions.

For more information on air management, click here.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at AirRide. That’s why we only supply:

  • Aluminium, not steel air bags
  • Reliable compressors, usually made by VIAIR or someone else we trust
  • Thread sealant on our compressors to prevent leakages
  • Tough, durable air bags from brands we trust
  • Four-circuit control systems (two-circuit systems are not legal)
  • Kits that are certified road legal for use in the UK and EU

We also supply a warranty with almost all of our kits.

Aluminium Tanks

Aluminium tanks offer many advantages over steel ones. They do not rust in the same way, or as severely, and they are both lighter and better-looking.

AirRide has used aluminium tanks extensively for over ten years – since a time at which the costs were prohibitive. As they have become more common-place (and everyone else worked out why we were using them!), costs have come down and, although they remain slightly more expensive, they offer so many advantages that they should be the first choice for most.

Slam Your Car

As well as load-support kits, TA Technix offer plenty of kits that give you the option to slam your car and make it look super-stylish.

Not only do they offer easy-to-install, bolt-on kits for specific cars, it may be worth investing in a universal air kit as these can be specifically-modified to drop your car as low as possible.

If you are looking to lower your car to the ground, air management is also a must – see below.

Universal Struts

For those vehicles without a bolt-on kit, the alternative can often be a universal strut. These are struts without fittings that can easily be welded in place.

This is ideal for highly-customised vehicles which want to truly sit on the floor and for classic cars, where kits just are not available in the same range.


TA Technix have more than a decade's experience in air suspension, since being formed by experts with careers in motor sport and car tuning.</p>
Slam your car
TA Technix make kits designed to slam your car and give it that street-skimming stance you've always dreamt of.</p>
Universal kits
TA Technix make several universal bags and struts which are perfect if you can't find a kit for your car. With the right modification, universal kits should be able to fit any vehicle</p>
Load-support kits
TA Technix also do load-support kits for motorhomes, pick-ups and commercial vehicles. These kits are often cheaper than a lot of load-support kits so always check if TA can do a kit for you first</p>
Made by TA Technix
Technix kits are always built by their own team in Wustermark. This means every kit will be the same high quality and, of course, you can't beat German engineering!</p>
Wide range of bolt-on kits
TA Technix have a large range of specific kits for cars, including Audi, Golf, Ford and BMW, motorhomes and pick-ups. A lot of these kits are bolt-on too, meaning you may even be able to fit them yourself.</p>
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