SsangYong Rexton and Mercedes ML kit

We have just developed a kit for the SsangYong Rexton and Mercedes ML rear end. This kit allows for towing and heavy loading without running on the bumpstops. As always the kit can be fitted using schrader valves or with a more sophisticated controller to allow control from the dashboard (or boot). The kit is easily fitted by a mechanic and includes everything needed to convert the rear end, including upper and lower brackets, bags, valves and line. No drilling or cutting is required and the conversion is fully reversible if you trade or sell your vehicle.

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Air suspension for ALL vehicles.

 Mercedes CE fitted with airride air suspension in FBSS configuration 

Here at we are happy to say that we can fit air suspension to ANY vehicle weather that be a motorcycle, van, minibus, motorhome, or car. Kits can be fitted for load support, stability, disabled access, delicate load protection, height adjustment or customised vehicles in low rider configuration. We are probably the most experienced installers of air suspension to such a wide range that you will be able to find anywhere in the country.

We are happy to supply kits for almost any vehicle (Ambulance spec is usually fitted by us only and not supplied) or to carry out the full install at our Norfolk premises.

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New info on setting up motorhomes

I get calls and emails most days regarding setting up motorhome air suspensions and van air suspension. I have written some notes and they can be found by following the link below. I will add more info as more questions are asked.

Click here to view that page

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T5 Video

We have added a new T5 driving video to the video section of the site (available from the button at the top of every page) and will be adding some more soon including more info on the T5 kit.

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W639 Vito Air Suspension Kit

 Mercedes Vito Airride susepsnion kit

We are pleased to anounce the launch of our new W639 rwd (2003 onwards – 2nd Generation ) Mercedes Vito rear end suspension kit. This lifts over 6 inches from its lowest position, and is ideal for wheel chair access vehicles, motor home conversions, traditional vans and minibus conversions. The kit comes fully powder coated, with instructions and is fully reversible if required (if you upgrade your vehicle). The kit fixes to the vehicle using 3 bolts on each side and takes only a few hours to install.

It has a superb ride and a huge lift capacity. The kit is ideal if you need to alter the ride height of the vehicle such as in wheelchair access or motorcycle loading, or if you need to alter the ride characteristics for amore comfortable ride, or to account for additional passengers or load. The kit is also great for motorhome conversions which add additional weight as it can return the vehicle to original height or for towing and general load support.

Kits start from £660 for the rear end bag and bracket kit, and can be fitted with or without onbaord air supply. All installs are conducted to meet clients specific requirements.

During May we are offering half price fitting on this kit (only £120). Please phone or email to make a booking. Kit page and pictures coming soon, by clicking here.

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Mercedes Prices

Mercedes Vito with airride air suspension installed          Mercedes sprinter with airride suspension fitted to the rear end

These prices are for Mercedes Van, minibus and van derived Motorhome rear end kits. These kits offer load support, stability and improved road manners for all vehicles.

Price List – Mercedes Van derived vehicles

Vito W639 (2003-onwards) £660.00
200/300 [1995-2006] £534.78
200/300(& VW Crafter) [2006 onwards] £587.81
400/410 [to 1994] £623.31
408/416  [1995 to 2006] £622.44
400 [2006 onwards] £622.44
500 [2006 onwards] £622.44

We also offer kits for all Mercedes road cars, and can supply or fit air suspension for any vehicle.

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Bespoke Air Installs

Each air installation is tailored to your own specific requirements. If we don’t have an on the shelf kit for your vehicle then we will make one. Using our in house CNC equipment we can usually make rear end kits for many Motor Homes and Vans on a while you wait basis, although this often takes all day.

As well as manufacturing many of our own kits, we can also fit any kit you may already have, and also fit kits from Dunlop and Firestone. We have probably the largest range of experience in air suspension installs of anyone in the country having installed air to a huge range of vehicles over the years, and are in the process of relocating our installation centre to a larger facility. We have a huge range of controllers ranging from fully computerised “dancing car” controllers down to the most basic Motorhome controller.

At AirRide we are also able to supply kits for almost any motorcycle, car, truck, van, and motorhome. Please ask about whats available for your particular vehicle.

 Please phone for your particular requirements.

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Air for Any vehicle

Air suspension offers huge benefits to a wide range of vehicles. we are proud to say that we can fit air to almost any vehicle including motorcycles, cars, vans, minibuses, and motorhomes to name but the most common.

Air rides really well, can offer additional support where needed, can handle really well, and offers the desirable ability to lift or drop the vehicle at the touch of a button.

If you are interested in having air fitted to your vehicle then please contact us to discuss your requirements as our diary for the year is filling up fast once again. Contact by email is ideal but if you need to speak to us then we have listed 3 phone numbers including a mobile to ensure that you can always get in contact as we move between 3 premises.

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T5 Free Fitting

T5 Rear air suspension for VW Van or Motorhome 

We are looking to take a photo picture history and evaluation of our new T5 air suspension kits and are able to offer free fitting to the first customer able to leave their vehicle with us for 3 days for fitting and pictures. All you pay for is the kit – whichever one you have (rear end only). This offer includes our 2wd assistance kit, and the higher spec 2wd or 4wd spring Replacement kit.

Anyone interested in this very strictly limited offer should email or phone ASAP.

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I-car with airride suspension on TV

The I-Car is the Humberside Fire and Rescue Services project designed to educate drivers as to the horrors of road crashes by giving a small experience of one, is a miniature simulation of a road crash.

The project is the brain child of Steve Harrison of Humberside Fire and Rescue. We have been heavily involved in the air suspension aspect of the project, and have designed and developed many new parts for this extreme conversion, which has been featured on both BBC and ITV news.

I hope to bring pictures shortly but in the meantime the car can be viewed at the following links, although they may expire over time.

If you see the video on a computer, it does not look that special, but feel it in the car – the actual car from the video, and it takes on a whole new meaning, and with suspension movements in time with the video, smoke and blue lights, its an emotional experience!

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ALKO Chassis now able to have air suspension

We have often been asked about the ALKO Chassis which forms the basis of so many Motor Homes, and is in such desperate need of air assistance from new in most cases. In the past the questions of identification, and the unusual torsion bar set-up have made things difficult, but we have a lot of experience on Citroen, Peugeot and Renault car conversions which also have torsion bars on the rear end.

We are now able to offer conversions for many of the ALKO Chassis, which can be fitted if required. Fitting time is around 3 times that of the conventional kits, but the difference made to the ride, handling, and general comfort on the vehicle makes it all worth while.

If you want to enjoy your Motorhome without worrying about getting on ferries, getting into camp site, or just suffering ona  long run then please call as an air assistance kit could be just what you need.

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350Z Air Suspension Kit

Click here to see more info about the airride suspension kit for the 350Z

We are pleased to announce a dedicated fit bolt on air suspension conversion for the Nissan 350z. This superb kit requires 4 holes to be drilled on each side at the rear , and 4 on each side at the front. Other than that all fitting work is with normal spanners, and sockets and no fabrication is required (unlike US import kits).

Using Quality Quantum sport bags the handling remains great, Ride is very good (especially on low profile rims), and the car can be lifted to clear speed ramps or steep drives.

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Mercedes Sprinter & VW Crafter rear air kit

This superb and easy to fit kit for the Mercedes and VW improves the manners of these vehicles, as well as providing additional support for the load or conversion. With prices from just £595 they are excellent value. They fit both Vans and Minibuses, and improves handling and ride.
We offer many similar air suspension kits, which are simple to fit with standard tools and little knowledge of air suspension. We also offer universal leaf spring kits for applications not covered by the ready made range.

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Classic Beetle Air

We now have in stock front air suspension units for classic beetles. The core unit can be used with our onboard compressors, or set and left with remote inflation.

There are many alternatives with these parts, and we will have pictures shortly.

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Lower cost Classic Mini air suspension under development.

I am pleased to say that we are in final testing of a new design of higher spec, lower cost, and lower weight air suspension for the Classic Mini.

The Mini is crying out for air – the bouncy ride of the rather crude rubber cones on the original unmodified cars, can be improved by fitting coil spring conversions, but only at the expense of ride quality. Air gives the great handling of the coil spring set-up, a smooth ride that Mini owners have always dreamt of, and oh – it can be adjusted in a  few seconds!

No need to get your hand dirty, under the car adjusting your adjustrides – just press the dash mounted switch and you have any setting you want.

The new design will be pictured on here soon, and features a lighter smaller install with the same great quality of ride that only air can achieve.

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