When there is no kit for your vehicle… There is still a kit for your vehicle!

When you have searched Google for hours, trawled dozens of websites, sent countless e-mails and still not found a kit for your vehicle, you may have ended up at AirRide because we have a reputation for providing kits for any vehicle.

If a vehicle has suspension, it can generally be converted to air suspension. Some vehicles are more difficult than others to convert but pretty much any vehicle can have air.

Quite a lot of vehicles can have custom brackets, thanks to our bespoke bracket-building service - as long as we have just a few dimensions - and because we have our own in-house fabricating, blasting and powder-coating equipment we can build items on a one-off basis.

And, for those with a bit of fabricating experience/ability/equipment we can supply flat-pack bracket sets for you to weld yourself, and if your vehicle needs either a Chapman or McPherson strut then these universal struts might be just what you need.

Whatever your air suspension needs, AirRide can help!