Uprate your motorhome with AirRide

We often get enquiries asking if air suspension can help to uprate a motorhome. The answer is yes, but this does come with a couple of stipulations.

Air suspension is a great way to get your motorhome uprated, as the air bags help to support the load a lot better, meaning you can carry more. However, to get your vehicle officially uprated, you need to get it certified at a consultancy.

The bad news is that AirRide does not double up as a consultancy (sorry!). It has been explained to us that re-rating is a matter of fitting air suspension (in most cases) checking tyres, brakes and chassis are up to the job. The matter is a paperwork exercise.

If you’re looking to get your vehicle uprated with air suspension then we’ll get you the right kit for the job.

There are a few other things you should be aware of when getting your vehicle re-rated (source svtech.co.uk):

  • When uprating to more than 3500kg, your taxation class will change from PLG to PHGV (saving you money!)
  • Uprating above 3500kg could possibly increase your premium, if you have roadside recovery. This is because the maximum towing limitation of over-run braked vehicles is 3500kg.
  • It’s also worth checking with your insurance company that uprating won’t affect your premium with them.
  • To drive a vehicle between 3,500 and 7,500kg, you need to have passed your driving test before 1997 or taken your C1 test separately.
  • Make sure you check individual axle loadings when uprating to ensure you do not exceed the stated axle weights.