Types of control

Our kits come with whatever controller clients want as we make the kits up as the orders come in. So if you want something specific please ask. In general:-

  • The most basic kits comes with Schrader (tyre) valves and are inflated anywhere you can inflate a tyre.
  • The manual kits have on board air and are inflated by pressing a manual button.
  • The electrical kits use solenoids and small electrical buttons.
  • The computer kits are controlled by a computer which you instruct either by pressing a pre-set option button or just up and down.
  • Remote kits use either electrical or computer control and add control from a smartphone, or joystick controller in addition to whatever existing control is fitted.
  • Combination control uses more than one controller. This is common on show cars with fast kits for show but since these are not practical for road use also a slower manual control for driving.

Any kit can come with any control. Please email or phone for more information.