Thread sealant

AirRide thread sealant pictured outside

Just as you need the right bags and brackets for the job you also need the right sealant. Do not use tape to install air suspension or to fix air leaks. For some reason plumbers PTFE thread seal seems to work adequately on water pipes but does not ever work well on air suspension systems. Additionally it invalidates the warranties on most electronic controllers. Only use liquid thread sealant.

Thread sealant, as the name suggests, is for use on metal threads. It's easy to use and highly reliable. With an operating temperature between -50°C to +150°C  and a maximum operating pressure of 250 PSI, it can be used on most installations, and almost all air suspension systems we see.

This can also be used on bead seal bags, but quality bags such as the Boss ones we supply can be assembled dry and wont leak up to about 750psi (safe working pressure 160 psi). This NOT for direct use on the plastic pipe (polyurethane or nylon) as it will damage it. Neither should you use superglue/CA glue as we have heard one supplier recommend. If you need to use superglue on a PTC (Push to Connect) fitting then you need to change supplier. Quality fittings do cost a little bit more but leaks make the system unuseable. So which is more expensive?

The thread sealant is AVAILABLE HERE. Free mainland UK delivery!

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