Replacement airbags

One of the most common enquiries we have is for replacement airbags. In an ideal world, the original supplier/purchaser/installer would take a note of the part number and preserve it for future use. In real life, very few people do that. Vehicles get sold, part numbers wear out or are not clear to start with, and suppliers products evolve. The only sure way to identify, for instance, a Firestone bag is by the W number, which is written... wait for it... on a paper label on top of the airbag! The chance of that surviving for years under a vehicle is, as you've probably guessed, pretty close to zero.

Firestone bags do have other numbers printed on them but these are mould numbers and are used on dozens of bags, and so of limited help.

There are about 10 000 airbags in common use today so if no part number is available, customers would need to send us photos  of an airbag with height and width measurements. Alternatively, customers are welcome to post us a bag and we'll try and match it. Please note that if the bags are really old there is a chance that the airbags have either been discontinued or the manufacturer is no longer in business. In that case we'll try to come up with an alternative solution.

For popular vehicles, such as 1990s Sprinters or leaf spring Ducatos, we have replacement kits available meaning that both bags and brackets can be changed to bring things up to modern standards.

So if you need replacement bags for any application the first thing is to shoot us some photos and dimensions, and failing that post us a bag and we will do our best to assist.


Airbag examples on blue background