NEW Uprated Kits for AL-KO Chassis

AL-KO Suspension kit

We have worked hard over the winter to launch a new range of super heavy duty load support kits for AL-KO chassis based vans and motorhomes. These kits are the heaviest on the market and considerably beyond anything currently available in terms of ease of fit and strength. Because we manufacture these kits ourselves we have also managed to restructure the pricing so they are also cheaper! More information will be on the site soon.

AirRide has managed to create kits which are stronger, easier to fit and higher spec. All our new AL-KO kits use 100% duty cycle solid durable suspension compressors, not light duty or emergency tyre compressors like some suppliers use. Controllers are more durable and tanks much higher capacity and higher specification. Motorhomes and box vans are heavily laden and for that you need the toughest kit on the market - you need the new AirRide load support kit for the AL-KO chassis. Motorhomes in particular are almost at the weight limit for their entire lives and therefore the support offered by these kits are welcome.

We have been supplying kits for AL-KO based motorhomes for around ten years. During that time the main concerns expressed by customers are damage to the rear of the vehicle due to grounding when going on and off ferries, and an uncomfortable ride. Our kit is designed to overcome both. For more information please do call or email.